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Welcome to the Science page.

Mrs Cokell leads Science throughout school.

Welcome to the Science page.
Mrs Cokell leads Science throughout school.
‘ I have always lived within the local area and attended Sandylands as a child. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to be drivers of change within their local community. They should be given the knowledge and skills to challenge stereotypes and be aspirational in the field of Science. I want our children to understand that Science is everywhere, the opportunities are endless, and they have a right to question the world around them.’
Mrs Cokell

Our Science curriculum …

Science Learning Pathway


Sequenced opportunity to revisit key science knowledge…

Substantive  – facts about scientists and themes

Themes – for example … electricity, living things, materials, forces

Procedural – development of the disciplines of Science

Procedural – for example – experimenting, enquiry, testing….

Disciplinary – How the children want to develop their ideas and thoughts as a Scientist


Science is taught for around 90 minutes every week. Each class will have other opportunities to make links with other STEM subjects as the timetable allows during the week.


Science is assessed by the class teacher and subject leader following our Sandylands model:

Checkpoint 1 – What do the children already know? Led by the class teacher at the start of each Science topic/lesson

Checkpoint 2 – Teacher assessment at the end of the lesson- what have the children learnt, followed up in subsequent lessons by recapping the facts and knowledge learnt so far.

Checkpoint 3 – Teacher assessed – at the end of the unit in the form of quizzes, class discussions. This allows the class teacher to understand which children need further understanding and if there any misconceptions.

Checkpoint 4 – Teacher assessed – after 4 weeks – quizzes to check what the children know and can remember.

Checkpoint 5 – Subject leader will interview groups of children to analyse what they have learnt, how they have mastered key concepts and can apply their knowledge and understanding. The subject leader will also conduct a pupil book study and look at understanding of disciplinary knowledge using set questions.

CPD for teachers


Like all subject leaders, Mrs Cokell is committed to continuing professional development in Science. She has worked alongside one of our Governors who was a High school Science teacher. She regularly supports class teachers with the planning and delivery of their Science topics, looking at ways to engage and develop children’s enthusiasm for the world of Science.

Essential Entitlement

What are our body parts?

What are our body parts?

In Science, we have learnt about animal body parts including human body parts. We looked at some trickier ones including elbow, hip, knuckle, wrist and ankle. We used labels to show where these were.

Summer Walk

Summer Walk

Year 1 have been visiting the orchard throughout the year to see how the seasons change over time. Our final observation was of Summer. Take a look!

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Year 1 have been learning all about how plants grow, and Year 3 have been doing a scientific investigation looking at the conditions that plants need to grow. Year 3 looked at how different seeds took longer to germinate and how plants grow at different rates. To...

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

In both Geography and Science, we learn about the seasons. In Geography, we look at the weather and track this at different times of the year. In Science, we learn about how the environment around us changes in each season. Here are Year 1, looking for signs of...

Finding Autumn

Finding Autumn

We went on a walk of our local area looking for signs of Autumn. We each had our own bag to gather any evidence we saw of Autumn. It was lovely to visit our orchard and observe nature.

Float or Sink?

Float or Sink?

We were set the question - What materials float and what materials sink? We tested our predictions to see if we were right!

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