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Values & Ethos

At Sandylands, we aim to prepare the children for their future giving them independence, resilience and confidence. Our knowledge based curriculum enable children to become life-long learners equipping them for adulthood and actively participate within their local community.We prepare children to live within the global arena, with a proud sense of who they are and how they can make a contribution to the diverse society in which they live.

Our curriculum and the children’s learning reflects these core values by considering issues at a local, national and global perspective. We enable children to put into practice their disciplinary knowledge of a subject at every opportunity. Our Leaders of Learning attributes encourages children to take ownership of their own learning in collaboration with parents through our learning lobster. These attributes provide a foundation alongside a strong values system that is embedded in all areas of the curriculum. There is always a sense of challenge and we set high aspirations for all pupils ensuring they have clear career aspirations and pathways.

Everyone at Sandylands is a leader. We work in leadership teams to ensure that good ideas are supported and can happen.

The School Parliament ensures there is a strong sense of pupil voice where children are key players in driving forward ideas and developing our curriculum. Our parents always play a pivotal role in supporting, encouraging and contributing to all achievement in the school.

We are committed to inclusion and take the view that everyone can succeed given the right support – we have ambition for all.

Finally, Sandylands provides a positive environment where children feel safe, secure and happy ensuring that everyone reaches their full potential.

Values & Ethos



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