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School led tutoring


Introducing our school led tutor Mr Duckett.

We know that Covid 19 has impacted on children’s learning and at Sandylands we want every child to reach their full potential so we have employed Mr Duckett as our school led tutor.
It is his job to help support the children achieve their full potential through 1-1 maths tuition sessions during school time. He has been working alongside the amazing Sandylands team and the children have been making fantastic progress. During the summer holidays, as part of the tutoring provision, Sandylands ran maths tutor sessions with Mr Duckett at the Hub for those wanting extra practice. 26 children signed up which was an amazing result!
Mr Duckett’s main focus this year will be Years 5 and 6. We’re hoping to build on last year’s success. Some children’s results improved over 50% in just a term so it looks like the recipe is working. 100% of all the children receiving tutoring made extensive progress which is a testament to the hard work and determination of all involved, not least the children.
Should you have any enquiries about school-led tutoring please contact the school office.

Mr Duckett

Last Updated on October 6, 2022

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