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Curriculum at Sandylands

Children at Sandylands are taught the curriculum through well sequenced lessons so they develop their knowledge. It is important that children remember the critical content of the subject as well as developing their understanding of the subject as a discipline, so they gain a deeper understanding as they move through their education. But it is more than this…


The children will acquire knowledge as they progress through their educational journey. This knowledge will enable them to know and remember more, giving them a solid understanding of the subject allowing them to be High school ready.

Children learn three key knowledge aspects

  • Substantive – key facts, figures
  • Procedural – development of skills
  • Disciplinary – The knowledge they need to apply higher order concepts. Knowledge related to a specific subject as a means of enquiry eg. Being a scientist

The knowledge is planned for in each subject as CRITICAL CONTENT. We then assess against the key aspects to ensure children know, understand and remember more.

We also have KEY VOCABULARY CONCEPTS that enrich the children’s understanding in each subject. Over time, this allows the children to form SCHEMA which deepens their learning.

We want children to see the purpose of knowledge and enable every child to articulate their understanding of the subject. This links directly with our language development giving our children a rounded curriculum experience.

Guarantee – We have developed a guarantee in each subject which lists what the children will know and be able to do in each subject.

Essential Enhancements

We believe that engagement and making learning relevant is key. We ‘don’t know what we’ve never seen’. We want our curriculum to come alive by providing well planned, sequenced experiences that enable children to truly understand the discipline of the subject.


We encourage pupils to engage in the wider curriculum offer outside of direct lessons. We provide a curriculum that develops pupils interest in the Arts, STEM and Health & Well-being

Citizenship, Diversity & Community

We need engaged citizens and this begins in the locality. Pupils need to know, appreciate and contribute to their own locality. We use the area as a resource to develop subject knowledge and have an understanding of ‘community’. British Values are developed through the idea that we are all unique and can appreciate difference. We represent differences positively.


We need to educate pupils to understand and protect our world. Sustainability of our planet is central to our ethos. We equip our children with the skills to understand and appreciate they are Global citizens who can make a difference now and in the future.


We need pupils to grow with a strong sense of values. As a values based school we have a strong emphasis on embedding compassion and allowing the children to have a sense of how we can support one another as well as grow as an individual. We need to be resilient as learners and persevere. We have seen this in abundance during the recent pandemic.

Articulate  / Pupil Voice

We believe in encouraging independence, collaboration and giving pupils a voice. We will develop the children’s ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings. We have a Pupil Parliament who actively help and shape our school.

Stay Safe / Feel Well

We live in a digital world educating young people to stay safe online is key to their well-being. We will teach well sequenced lessons through Education in a connected world and strengthen this in our PSHE curriculum. We will provide support for well-being and mental health.

Basic Skills

Basic skills are at the heart of it all. All children will leave our school in Year 6 being able to

  • Speak clearly
  • Read and communicate ideas through writing efficiently and effectively
  • Calculate efficiently and solve problems.
  • Handwrite well
  • Use technology effectively in their learning



Last Updated on December 1, 2021

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