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Year Three

24 Hours Around the World

24 Hours Around the World

24 hours around the world, in Year 3 we went to Italy! In 3Mo the children wrote a fact file about Italy. We then created our own delicious Italian pizzas and wrote the instructions for our fabulous creations. We learned about famous Italian landmarks and sketched the...

Mysterious Mayans

Mysterious Mayans

24 hours in Mysterious Mayans. Year 3 welcomed a very special visitor into school today all the way from the Mayan civilisation. Our Mayan visitor began by teaching us some words and how to count to 10 in the Mayan language. We learned about the beliefs of the Mayans...

3M & 3O

We had a look at the work of Andy Warhol today, we noticed that he used lots of bright colours in his pictures. We discussed how this style of art was known as pop art. Here are some of our examples: This afternoon we spent our time learning about levers and making...

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