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Our Art curriculum intent…

Engage, inspire and challenge children through a sequence of well-planned lessons.

Provide knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create own works of art.

To deepen knowledge and skills throughout KS1 and KS1 to achieve mastery.

Think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of techniques and a range of artists.

Know how art and design reflect and shape our history.

Know how art contributes to culture, creativity, our locality and the wealth of our nation.

Still life

Still life

Year 6 children have been inspired by their studies on cubism and Picasso to create some still life drawings of every day objects in Art.  They independently selected and effectively used familiar techniques and materials when drawing. The children were then able to...

Year 4 Local artist visit – coastal Art

Year 4 Local artist visit – coastal Art

Year 4 worked with a local artist and used the Morecambe Bay coastline as inspiration for their clay containers. They used various skills and techniques such as coiling, pinching and rolling as well as learning how to join two pieces of clay together.

Year 3 Weaving in action!

Year 3 Weaving in action!

  Year 3 have been working alongside Mrs Burgess on their weaving techniques during their art sessions. They were learning how to use the weft and warp to weave their own wall hangings.

Clay with the Local Area

Clay with the Local Area

Year 2 were very lucky that artist and potter Andrew Hill came in to do a workshop around clay, and using the local environment to use as inspiration. We created a pot, with 3D texture and design using things we might find on the beach. Take a look! Finally, we used...

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