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Welcome to the Art page.

Mrs Hickson leads Art throughout school.
‘Since a child, I have always been interested in Art.
My brother studied at Royal Art college and I loved watching him work.
At university, I majored in Art and did a four year degree, one of which was dedicated to Art study. I want to make the curriculum accessible to all and for children to develop a natural curiosity.
Art reflects the diversity of our nation and world allowing us to see the world through different lenses.’

Mrs Hickson

Our Art curriculum …

Engage, inspire and challenge children through a sequence of well-planned lessons.

Provide knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create own works of art.

To deepen knowledge from Early years to KS2 to achieve mastery of the subject.

Think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of techniques and a range of artists.

Know how art and design reflect and shape our history.

Know how art contributes to culture, creativity, our locality and the wealth of our nation.


Click the link below to access our Art Guarantee for all Sandylands children

Art Learning Pathway


Sequenced opportunity to revisit key art knowledge…

Substantive  – facts about artists, movements and themes

Themes – for example … still life, landscape, cityscapes, nature (botanical drawings), people/ portraits, seascapes

Movements – for example – impressionisms, cubism, abstract expressionism

Procedural – development of techniques e.g impressionism

Procedural – for example – drawing, painting….

Click the link below to access our procedural knowledge overview document

Disciplinary – How the children want to develop their ideas and thoughts into a composition.

For example – All children will work towards a composition to be displayed in a gallery.


Art is taught for a half hour to an hour each week.


Children can…

  • Talk about a range of artists, techniques and how they have influenced the work of the individuals
  • Talk about the critical content of the individual unit.
  • Talk about the themes
  • Use artistic vocabulary
  • Talk about how procedural knowledge has been effectively used to enhance the overall composition.
  • Talk about their artistic thought process in terms of the choices they have made and why they have made them. 
  • Articulate what they wanted to portray to the viewer and talk about what they think is successful about their composition and what they would change/alter. 

CPD for teachers

Our teachers are committed to continuing their own professional development too. Mrs Hickson has recently run a number of training sessions on leading sketching sessions in class as well as looking at teaching diversity through art – considering other cultures and styles from around the world.

Art Partnerships

Essential Entitlement

Paul Klee

Paul Klee

Year 2 have completed a unit of work based on the piece Sunset in the Evening by Paul Klee. To do this, we have used tinting, toning and colour mixing to create our own piece of abstract art. Take a look at our gallery.

Festival Day

Festival Day

We had great fun at our festival day, taking part in a range of activities. Check us out! Dance Workshop Making a Spinner Splodge-o-matic!



As part of our art learning, we practise different skills as pathways. This term, Year 1 have been learning about printing. See some of our final pictures below....



In Art, we have been learning about different types of spirals. We have completed some as a small scale piece and some in the style of artist Molly Haslund, as a large scale piece in our outdoor area.

We are Artists!

We are Artists!

USing the skills we have learnt through studying Jackson Pollock, we have created our own pieces of artwork. Take a look!



To learn some different techniques used by Jackson Pollock, this week we learnt dripping. It was important to stand up for this lesson, as Jackson usually created his pieces standing.

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