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School Parliament



We believe that our School Parliament Ministers should be:

Good team players

Support the school

Be good listeners

Be focused and responsible

Be confident

Be kind to everyone

Be open to all ideas

Be helpful

Be resilient and adaptable 


We believe our School Parliament should:

* Be a way of improving communication and co-operation in the school

* Be a tool to develop pupil self esteem and confidence

* Encourage pupils to take an active part in school and community life and be active citizens

* Allow pupils to take responsibility for their school



We will: 

* Our Finance Ministry will ensure children understand the importance of money and building savings

* Our Global Affairs Ministry will increase awareness of world events and promote children’s understanding of different cultures and countries

* Our Culture Ministry will increase understanding of the importance of all the arts and provide a range of experiences for the children to access them 

* Our Education Ministry will ensure children understand the power of learning and will help them to develop tools for learning

* Our Sport & Health Ministry will promote active lifestyles and encourage awareness of healthy minds and bodies

* Our Community Ministry will ensure everyone sees the importance of celebrating our place in the local community and knows why we should respect our community

* Our Diversity Ministry will support children in embracing difference in others and seeing difference as a positive

Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

The School Parliament have been working with the office staff on a Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile campaign! Every child in school will be receiving a toothbrush and toothpaste pack, along with a poster designed by the Sport & Health Ministry to advertise the...

Artist of the Term

Artist of the Term

Our culture ministers had the tough choice to choose the artist of the term…they finally chose these as our winners.Congratulations to the winners and runners up in the Artist of the Term competition. 

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