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Regular attendance at school is very important for your child’s learning as well as developing friendship groups and their emotional well being.When children have been absent for a day they are often unsure of themselves as they have missed learning that has taken place.

Sickness – What should I do?

If your child is too unwell for school you must follow the instruction below.

Ring the school between 8.00am and 9.00am on the morning of the absence giving the reason and
expected return day. The school office number is 01524 410286 or school Mobile 07342 888443.

If your child continues to be unwell please re-phone the office on the 3rd day of absence.
Following vomiting and diarrhoea your child will need to stay at home for 48 hours.

What happens if my child does not attend?

* If there is no communication with the office a member of staff will telephone you to find out why your child is not in school.

* If your child’s attendance is poor a meeting will take place with a member of the attendance team.

*You will be contacted by a member of the SLT if your child’s attendance does not improve as your child will be missing key learning.

* If poor attendance continues an attendance contract will be drawn up between the parents and the school

* Persistent unauthorised absences can result in a fixed penalty notice.

What support can we give you?

Contact the school if you are having difficulties.

Miss Wildon is our Attendance lead, the Attendance and Family Support Team are experienced in supporting children and families.

Our weekly class Attendance Derby encourages the children to attend school every day and there are rewards for classes above 95% as well as being on time at 5 to 9 every day.

A few extra points to note….

Children (especially in Reception!) are susceptible to coughs and colds. If your child has a cough or a cold, please send them into school as usual and let us know. We will keep a very close watch on their health during the day and if they are not well enough to be in school we will telephone you to collect them.

Your child should attend school every day unless they are really unwell. Birthdays, shopping, special treats are not authorised reasons for a child to be absent from school.

Holidays – We do not authorise holidays during term time. Fines will be issued. We follow the DFE guidance on leave of absence for exceptional circumstances. Please fill in the application form which can be obtained from the office. The application needs to be submitted prior to the proposed absence and will then be considered by the Headteacher.

Please click below if you want further information about Attendance by reading our Attendance policy

Attendance Policy –