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We all loved it when Snow White finally woke up and came to Nursery on Friday. The boys and girls have finally woken her up by solving lots of mathematical puzzles left for them each day. They counted apples, made patterns with Snow White, apples and dwarfs, worked out what the black shapes were, placed apples in order by size and most importantly of all took part in lots of chat about number, size and shapes in the environment. Well done to all of you for waking Snow White up! She was so pleased with you. 

Thank you to all the returning children for welcoming and helping the new starters to settle in. As you can see everyone is very happy and fully engaged in their learning.

How exciting a special delivery arrived in Nursery. The children asked so many great questions to try to find out what it could contain. No wonder they worked it out!

There has been so much going on in Nursery since the Royal Wedding which we celebrated in great style. A special Royal visitor (one of the children) came to cut the ribbon so we could enjoy our very own Royal Garden Party in the Fairy Garden.
Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches, nibbles, cakes and special drinks on the day!

We were greeted by a surprise visitor today, sitting on the large shell, just waiting to be found in our tadpole tank! All our children who came to investigate were amazed. They talked about the way a tadpole changes into a frog sometimes using the images on the board. Wow lets hope some more change before they return to their own pond this week.

Chinese New Celebrations

The children loved cleaning up the house ready for Chinese New Year. They scrubbed, dusted and polished the windowsills, tables and cupboards. It has never looked so clean!

We investigated the colours and creatures associated with this celebration. Fine motor dragons needed tails threading and the red and yellow pompoms all needed sorting out – very tricky!

After so much cleaning the house was duly decorated! How beautiful it looked! There was also lots of new foods and equipment to use. Cutlery was replaced by chop sticks and string noodles were cooked in a wok! Dressing up for a celebration was also a hit!

We tasted a range of Chinese foods and were very excited when a dragon visited too!

Lots of boys and girls took part in a dragon dance in the hub! What a good time we had and so much learning about different cultures and how we are all similar but different too!


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To Set the scene…

The Three Bears have been staying in the Nursery house for a few days so they can recover from the incident that occurred recently at their home due to the antics of a little girl called Goldilocks. 

NowGoldilocks has sent a letter asking if she can come and visit the nursery children and the Three Bears. We thought it would be best for the children to decide so they gave their opinions, some were certain that she should not come, some were a bit unsure but the majority really wanted her to come.

So she will be visiting for one day only – tomorrow, Wednesday 25th October. 

Here are a few images showing the children explaining why they did or did not want her to come. 

We wrote down their ideas and as you can see there were a lot more votes for her to come than not! Thank you boys and girls we really value your opinions. 


In Nursery we have been busy baking rock cakes that we will enjoy at snack time. We have also been enjoying playing in our new role play area which is a Doctors’ surgery. Why not pay us a visit and make an appointment if you are feeling under the weather!

Baking Doctors


Baking fun!

We have been baking cakes again this year in Nursery. It’s so good to see how skillful the children are as they crack the eggs, weigh and beat all the ingredients. The best bit of all though is sharing them with everyone at snack time. Just delicious!

fr_45_size580 fr_44_size580 fr_31_size580 fr_28_size580



  baking-2 baking-1

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see our Whole school Curriculum and Skills progression plans for the year.


Summer 2

We have been so excited in Nursery! Ten tiny caterpillars arrived a few weeks ago. We watched them grow as thay ate and ate so much food. We were fascinated to see them spinning and building cocoons. Finally, last week, they emerged from their cocoons. We now have ten beautiful Painted lady butterflies and we will release them very soon. Watch this space!

The children in Nursery are wondering how the caterpillars do change into butterflies inside the cocoon. Can you help us to find the answer?

IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0090


Summer 2

We went to see some chicks who had just hatched out of their eggs. We were allowed to stroke them gently.

IMG_0027 IMG_0030

In Nursery we have been so busy. We have had a delivery of top soil. After we had lots of fun climbing up to the top of the mound and sliding back down, we had to dig it out and transport it in some wheelbarrows to a raised bed. It was really hard work, but we enjoyed it.

IMG_0036 IMG_0038

16th May

As the theme in Nusery is about animals, Vicky the Veterinary Nurse came in to talk about pets and how to take care of them.

She brought two tortoises in: Phoenix and Titch. We were able to stroke them.

IMG_0011 IMG_0013 IMG_0016 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0026