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Year One

Year 1 weather watchers

Year 1 weather watchers

In our geography lessons this half term year 1 are observing the weather. We are watching the weather forecast and recording daily weather patterns, using symbols and measuring the temperature. We will be looking at how the weather affects us and next week we will be...

Year 1 DT – sock puppets

Year 1 DT – sock puppets

We have had fun designing, creating and evaluating our sock puppets over the past few weeks. He used our designs to create a prototype and our final product. We attached the features using glue. We talked about what we liked about our sock puppet and what we would...

Year 1 Jackson Pollock art

Year 1 Jackson Pollock art

Year 1 have been busy creating their own Jackson Pollock paintings by splashing, dripping and splatting the paint. They has a lot of fun throwing the paint onto large sheets of paper and moving around, just like Jackson Pollock did with his action paintings. We loved...

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