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Year Six  (2017-2018)

Read All About it! Year 6 reporters publish story of Sandylands monster invasion!

Macbeth. How to visualise a dramatic battle for narrative: Act it out!


How does the heart distribute oxygen via the cardio vascular system? These guys will be able to tell you


Watch out Elon Musk. Sandylands has entered the space travel business and is tackling knowledge of the solar system during 24 hours in a scientist

Check out our Learning Lighthouse for 2018 – Vikings


Spring Lighthouse:



What a little star…

Our outstandingly talented Carys in Year 6 has been offered a PLACE and FUNDING at ‘The Hammond’. 

The Hammond is an independent performing arts school that trains students for employment in the musical theatre and dance industries. The school runs three-year courses in musical theatre and in dance, leading to the diploma in professional dance or musical theatre, awarded by Trinity College, London. The school is accredited by the Council for Dance Education and Training.

We are so very proud of you Carys, well done! 


International Dance Day

Our super dance group took over the assembly with a SURPRISE FLASH MOB! 

What talented children we have at Sandylands!!

An excellent way to end our International Dance Day. 

What an amazing morning so far! We really do have such wonderful children here at Sandylands, who really do take every opportunity we provide at Sandylands with open arms! 

Constant smiles and laughter throughout the day! 

All the children were totally engaged and so enthusiastic! Thank you!

Also, you you to everyone who came to help us enjoy this special day…LUDUS, Heysham High, Dance Factory, Sophie Butler, Turning Point and Baystormers. 

What a super day!

Year 6 during  ‘Traditional Indian Dance’ Workshop




Wow! What an amazing start this morning! The children are fixated on  his wonderful stories! 

We shall keep you updated with what they produce! 

 Thank you already Frank for demonstrating such an enthusiasm for reading and writing! 



Wow! Frank, the talented author, has been in 6G this morning!

 Thank you for the wonderful books, we can’t wait to read them in class. 

All the children have been really engaged and loved writing their own stories today. 




Stuart Robinson – Local Star Interview

Watch this space! Our brilliant Sports Parliament grabbed the opportunity to interview Stuart Robinson (A local GB athlete) whilst he was visiting Year 1. 

Look out for it on Monday! 

Well done Sports Parliament, very professional.


Computing in 6G

What an amazing afternoon, Year 6 have been decomposing, abstracting and writing an algorithms with patterns.

The children have chosen their own song and broken it down within a flowchart. Using repetition and patterns in a song, the children started to consider the different symbols and links when creating a flow chart.




Mindfulness Coaching in 6C

This term 6C have been learning about mindfulness as part of a 6 week classroom based curriculum called Paws b.






WOW! Our amazingly talented Carys Bushell has been accepted at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.

This dance school offers an exceptional opportunity to young people who show an outstanding talent for the performing arts, while recognising the benefits of a fine academic education.

We are all incredibly proud of you Carys!







Well done to all these Mathletes who gained Bronze after only a few days of starting Mathletics!
We are looking forward to who achieves gold in a few weeks time!
Keep working hard Year 6!








 Gifted and Talented- Carys

Our AMAZING Carys Bushell, who attends the Royal Ballet School, has performed a routine for Year 2 to help them develop their evaluating techniques in dance and to also assist them with Art work.

What a beautiful dance, thank you Carys!






Year 6 Book Club Members


Our wonderful Year 6 have been so enthusiastic about joining the new school Book Club!

We look forward to hearing about it each week!



Lancaster Museum Trip- WW1 Exhibition

“This week has been such an eventful week. We had a great time visiting the Museum in Lancaster- We learnt all about WW1.

We even spoke to a real, front-line, soldier! Both classes thoroughly enjoyed it, including myself! We found out so many different things and learnt brand new skills like, using Artefacts and Art printing.

We also found out what ‘No Man’s Land’  and  ‘Hanging on a barbed wire’ mean. It was very interesting!

We all had so much fun, we had to complete a variety of questions, using the exhibition and Peter for clues- I enjoyed watching the real life footage!!”

By Harry 6G

img_0479 img_0472 img_0800






Third Space Maths Intervention

Children in year 6 are using Third Space maths to increase their maths skills. Each child receives 1:1 tuition for 45 minutes each week via a virtual learning platform.


A year 6 child comments:

“Third space maths is about giving you the extra confidence you need to believe in yourself and know you can do maths. I’ve learnt how to divide and multiply decimal numbers and how to round large numbers. I’ve enjoyed third space learning. If you do Third Space, don’t be scared, as the tutors are really nice and they give you great tips” 





Congratulations to the all the Year 6 children who are now members of the School Parliament.

Sport and Health– Jake, Molly and Adam

Culture– Chloe, Sapphy, Molly and Amy

Community– Ethan, Olivia and Abbie

Finance– Alys




Thank you Gary for modelling excellent PE lessons to our members of staff!

Adam Year 6 “We learnt about why we change pace in a game- I can use that in football after school now!”

img_0553img_0555 img_0557




Year Six (2015-2016)




A huge congratulations to Joe from 6G, who received the ‘player of the tournament’ award at the Heysham High Tournament. Congratulations!




A huge congratulations to both teams, mainly Year 6, who took part in the Tag Rugby Competition at Heysham High School last night.Both teams completed the group stages undefeated, and were then thrown against each other in the Silver Medal play off, resulting in both teams recieving medals. Once again, the parental support was second to none, and we can’t thank you enough.




MHS climbing wall 005

As part of our OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activity) PE Curriculum, some Year 6 pupils have taken part in an adventurous activity challenge at Morecambe High School this week.

What a success!

Jessica, Year 6, “Thank you Morecambe High for a wonderful day, I managed to reach the top and it was brilliant- I faced my fears and pushed myself to the top”




This week, Year 6 had an exciting day at Heysham High! They took part in an ICT, Music and Dance workshop! Here is a small clip from Group 1, performing their very own flash mob dance!


Locally, we have made some great links with nearby high Schools, which has provided us with the opportunity to experience life in Year 7.

Year 6 have taken part in a variety of sporting competitions this Spring term;

Gymnastics- Gold and Bronze Medals

Athletics – 4th in the area- Amazing effort by the athletics squad!

Hockey – Year 5/6 Gold Medals- Reigning champions!!




Wow! It all began with a fantastic local trip to Robin Wood, where we really had a chance to work on our teamwork and examine our values.



We travelled back in time, looking at the National impact of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and then right the way up to the 1940’s, examining the global impact of WWII, we even had a 24 hour VE day party helping us understand British Values on Monday 25th January 2016.

VE day celebrations!

IMG_0144IMG_0140 IMG_0176

Year 6 ended their theme on WW2 by planning and taking part in their own ‘Victory in Europe’ party.





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