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Hope you are managing to access some of the work we are completing in class if you are working from home. We had a busy day on Friday with our visit from Big Bear. Watch out for some photos on Facebook and our class pages.

See below for this week’s activities


Look at the plan below to access this week’s activities


1.Paddington plan 5.10.20


Printable version below



Activity 1 Resources 


paddington vocabpics 2


Printable version below – click on the link



Activity 5 Resources 



Pictures for sequencing the beginning of the story


Printable version below – click the link




Click on the link below to access the Maths activities for this week’s home learning




This week we are looking at the artist Jackson Pollock. Have a look at some of his art by visiting the Tate kids website. Follow the link below


We are looking at  Victorian toys. Look at images below and try to describe what the toy is and how the children might have played with it.
Printable version below


This week we are looking at our 5 senses. Watch the BBC Bitesize clip below.


What are our five senses? Mini Science Investigation –  ‘Is my sense of smell better when I can’t see?’


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