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Hello, Year 5!

Here are this week’s learning activities.


This week we will be looking at decimals and how they relate to fractions and percentages · Look on   Click on Week 2

You will find 5 maths lesson videos that you can watch and click on the activities for the tasks.

· Maths no Problem:

Page 29 – 30 for Rounding decimals.

Page 7 – 12 for comparing decimals

Page 37-38 for fractions, decimals and percentages · Extra Challenge: You will find some great activities on

· Game of the week! Check out this maths online game about decimals.

· Click on the game called Comparing Decimals

· TT Rockstars – continue with your daily access to TT Rockstars.


Continue to enjoy reading! You can access bug club each day, earn coins and play games.

Reading task: This is continued from last week. Read the extract from ‘The Vipers Daughter’ by Michelle Paver You will find this on the year 5 class page. Or you can register for free on to access the text. This is the recommended book of the month for April.

You can read it on the screen or print it off.

Once you have read the text, complete some of the following tasks:

1) Write about the Who, What, Where, When and Why from the text.

2) Highlight any unfamiliar words. See if you can work out what they mean by reading around the sentence, decide on the word class and then look it up in a dictionary after. Remember always relate it back to the story and how the word fits in.

3) Create a word bank of amazing words that the author has used

4) Draw the characters and brainstorm any information you can collect about them.

5) Draw the scene from the book and label with key information from the text

6) Design a front cover for the book.

7) Predict what you think might happen next in the story.

8) Brainstorm about what you ‘KNOW’ from the text and what you ‘THINK’

9) Write about what you liked or disliked so far.

10) Create a wordsearch using your vocabulary lists, characters and key information

These are all tasks that you have been doing all year in Year 5.


Year 5 Story Starter

· Year 5, here is your story starter. You can change the name if you would like

It was a bright and sunny morning along the coast of Helena Island. Mary was walking happily along the beach, with a joyful skip in her step, when she saw a beautiful green glass bottle shimmering in the sunlight. It was washed up on the shore. When she bent down and carefully picked it up, she immediately realised that there was something inside it. Mary pulled out the cork to see what it was …




First read the starter

· Think about what could be in the bottle and what this could lead to in your story ideas

· Make some notes about what could happen next, how to make your story exciting and adventurous

· Think about how you can develop your characters

· Be creative and have fun!


This term we will be looking at North America.

Research and find North America on a map. Find the countries in North America.

Find and draw the flags of each of the countries. Research and create an information poster about one of the countries.


Take care

Mrs French and Mr Morris

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