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In Science all our children will have …

  • A clear understanding of technical vocabulary and definitions
  • A solid knowledge foundation of what our bodies and the world are made of
  • A knowledge about their bodies and ecosystems
  • A solid understanding about the substances and materials around us that enrich our lives and those that can be harmful
  • A solid understanding of the impact of technical innovation and those who pioneered it
  • Knowledge how technical innovation can support improvement in health and lifestyle
  • An understanding that they can impact on their community and their local environment both positively and negatively
  • Skills to be enterprising problem solvers who can contribute to society
Finding Autumn

Finding Autumn

We went on a walk of our local area looking for signs of Autumn. We each had our own bag to gather any evidence we saw of Autumn. It was lovely to visit our orchard and observe nature.

Float or Sink?

Float or Sink?

We were set the question - What materials float and what materials sink? We tested our predictions to see if we were right!

Materials for Houses

Materials for Houses

We were set a challenge of why brick was the best house for the three little pigs. See how we tried out different materials to build houses from... Straw, Sticks and Brick

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