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Our Religious Education intent…

At Sandylands, we aim for a high quality RE curriculum that:

  • Is relevant and reflects both our own locality and the diversity of our society as a whole.
  • Teaches every child about the beliefs and faith of others and about the diversity of cultures on a local, national and global scale.
  • Makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.
  • Encourage discussions and debates that are relevant and reflects current affairs often brought to public attention through extensive media coverage.
  • Helps young people to learn about, recognise and understand differences, to be respectful of others and develop the ability to empathize with others, regardless of background, race, culture and language.
  • Provokes challenging questions about life, about right and wrong and encourages pupils to discuss and debate their own beliefs.

We want our children to:

  • Think about what they believe and articulate their own views, beliefs, thoughts and opinions confidently.
  • Think, explore, challenge and debate the views and beliefs of others.
  • Listen and show respect towards others and empathize with other people, irrespective of background, race, culture or language.
The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

Kindly, Diana from NISCU came to visit Year 1 with her box of special friends. Diana told us the story of the first Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus. We had actions to learn different parts of the story, puppets to help us remember and some songs to learn too.

Buddhism – Year 3

Buddhism – Year 3

As a follow up to Year 3’s visit from nun Jen Lhamo, from Lancaster Mediation Centre, Year 3  thought about what we can learn from the life of The Buddha. They considered how true happiness doesn’t in fact, come from the things we possess, but rather from being...

R.E., Year 3

R.E., Year 3

In Year 3, we have been learning about the Buddhist faith and in particular, about the life of The Buddha.  As part of our learning, we had a visit from a nun from the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Lancaster. Gen Lhamo talked about her life as a Buddhist nun. She also...

Year 5

Year 5

As part of their Christianity-Jesus unit this half term, Year 5 have have been thinking about the people who have authority in their lives, considering how this authority can be shown. Diana, from NISCU came to talk about why Christians believe in the authority of the...

In Year 2, we learnt all about being a hero for Red Nose Day throughout our lessons. We learnt about what being a good friend was, how Jesus is seen as a hero to Christians and creating our own superhero. See some of our pictures of superhero masks below!

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