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Our School Mission Statement

At Sandylands, we aim to prepare the children for their future giving them independence, resilience and confidence. Our core skills and key competencies enable children to become life-long learners equipping them for adulthood. Our pupils actively participate in the community. We prepare children to live within the global arena, with a proud sense of British values that enable them to live in a diverse society.

Our curriculum reflects these core values divided into local, national and global studies. We build learning power by encouraging children to take ownership of their own learning in collaboration with parents. Key skills for learning provide a foundation alongside a strong values system that is embedded in all areas of the curriculum. There is always a sense of challenge and we set high aspirations for all staff and pupil.

Everyone at Sandylands is a leader. We work in leadership teams to ensure that good ideas are supported and can happen. There is a strong sense of pupil voice where children are key players in driving forward ideas and developing our curriculum. The Parent Curriculum Forum ensures parents play a pivotal role in supporting, encouraging and contributing to all achievement in the school.
We are committed to inclusion and take the view that everyone can succeed given the right support.
Finally, Sandylands provides a positive environment where children feel safe, secure and happy ensuring that everyone reaches their full potential.

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