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Coming to a classroom near you soon!

Mrs Stephenson and Mr Brennand are busy putting the final touches to our new approach to teaching Maths throughout school which is based on the Singapore Maths methodology.  Mrs Stephenson attended a conference in London to find out all about it. Watch this space for...

Problem? … Solved!

Each week in every class the children are given a new “problem of the week”, these questions challenge the children to apply their mathematical knowledge to different real life scenarios and are a basis for the learning they will be doing that week in the maths...

Shape up!

This week we had some shape detectives in Year 2 as we sorted 2-D and 3-D shapes using Venn diagrams. We looked at the number of edges, sides and vertices that a shape had, what the face of the shape looked like or what type of shape it was. We even included real life...

Weight a moment!

Lots of hands on investigations for our Year 2’s, they have been using different equipment to aid their understanding of measurements. This week we focused on balancing weights and converting grams into kilograms


Year 2 are trialing Mathletics this week. They had an enjoyable lesson when the whole class used Mathletics and children can now access this at home as well as in school. This is proving really popular, with some children already earning certificates for their hard...

Year 6 Maths Intervention

A year 6 child comments:“Third space maths is about giving you the extra confidence you need to believe in yourself and know you can do maths. I’ve learnt how to divide and multiply decimal numbers and how to round large numbers. I’ve enjoyed third space learning. If...

Maths Booster sessions

A group of children in Year 6 have started an exciting on-line intervention programme to develop their maths skills. Each week they receive 1:1 tutoring to support their classroom learning. Initial comments include ‘that was awesome’ and ‘I really enjoyed that’ at the...

Maths week – The mystery of the missing painting!

Wow! What a fantastic week of problem solving and code cracking using our mathematical knowledge to help us! Key Stage 2 had to solve the clues to find out who stole the Mona Lisa. Key stage 1 followed the clues and used their number skills to reveal the Pirate map...

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