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Our History intent…

At Sandylands, we aim for a high quality history curriculum that develops children’s natural curiosity into the past and taps into our own rich local history, linked to important historical events, people and places both nationally and globally. By linking these three areas we aim to give our children a sense of who they are, where they came from and how events today shape their future.

  • We want our children to develop their skills as historians, informed by high quality lessons delivered from the National Curriculum.
  • Children will be challenged to ask perceptive questions about the past.
  •  By giving them access to quality artefacts, sources and resources, we will teach our children to think critically and weigh evidence.
  • We will bring history to life by making the most of the wealth of local heritage sites in and around Lancaster and Morecambe as well as using the talent of professionals and re-enactors whose visits will further invigorate the teaching of history.
  • During history lessons our children will learn to sift arguments, develop perspective and judgement.
  • They will become more confident in talking, debating and writing about how different groups and they themselves have changed over the time.
Victorian Playground Games

Victorian Playground Games

We have been looking at what our school was like through history. We looked at what kind of playground they would have played. Some were very similar and some were very different!



In history, we have been learning all about our school. What was Sandylands like in the past? We interviewed Mrs Cokell who used to go to our school as a pupil. We learned lots of things about her experience at Sandylands and wrote about these as memories.



We have been talking about ourselves. We looked at our faces in the mirrors and then we painted our face. We also made faces in the playdough. We talked about what we use our eyes, ears and nose for. We talked about how we grow and helped to look after the babies in...

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

Year 3 have been learning all about crime and punishment in their history sessions this half term. They were both judge and jury for a number of different scenarios.

Imagining History joined Year 2 this week to help teach us about what it was like in 1666 when there was The Great Fire of London. Through drama, the children reenacted some key events of the fire helping to learn about what happened.

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