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Our Geography intent…

  • Have access to high quality Geography sessions each term in a sequence of lessons
  • understand that geography is the study of how people and places interact
  • know where they live and understand its diversity(locality, county, country and continent)
  • know how to sustain the planet contributing to a greener Morecambe
  • know the names and locations of the world’s continents and oceans
  • know what rivers, mountains, coasts, rainforests and volcanoes are, including one notable example of each and a simple grasp of the impact each of these can have on communities
  • know key differences between rural and urban areas
  • know that some places are very different to others
  • know basic map & fieldwork skills
  • Have the substantive, procedural and disciplinary knowledge to further Geographical study in Yr 7


Map Detectives!

Map Detectives!

Starting our Geography unit, it's important that we in Year 1, look at a range of different maps. Where can we find maps? What are they used for? Why are they helpful? Hopefully, these are some of the things we will learn in this unit!

Finding Autumn

Finding Autumn

We went on a walk of our local area looking for signs of Autumn. We each had our own bag to gather any evidence we saw of Autumn. It was lovely to visit our orchard and observe nature.

Features of Morecambe

Features of Morecambe

In Geography, we have been learning all about the local area. This meant we looked at local human and physical features of what Morecambe means to us. We went on a walk of our local area to see what features we could identify from our learning.

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