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Design Technology

In DT children will…

  • Develop a culture where children are challenged and take appropriate design risks, understanding this is how they achieve things they thought were too difficult
  • Understand that DT follows the cycle- exploring existing products, design, make and evaluate.
  • Have the knowledge to design and build high quality structures that are innovative, functional, appealing and stable.
  • Have the knowledge to design and create a moving model using different mechanisms eg sliders, pulleys, levers,
  • Understand the principles of nutrition, where foods come from and learn how to prepare and cook healthy dishes.
  • Develop knowledge in joining fabrics including using different stitches and decoration using recycled materials where appropriate.
  • Have a clear understanding of technical vocabulary. Deepen knowledge of sustainability by using recycled materials in their designs where appropriate, which will also include upcycling old garments.
  • Use computer aided design (C.A.D) to explore and solve problems involving 2-D and 3-D design and editing.
  • Evaluate and improve prototypes and products against a design criteria and when evaluating the finished product, use the saying –“looks good, Works well!”
  • Have opportunities to find out about significant designers and chefs who have helped shaped the world.
  • Use a range of tools confidently and safely.
  • Have opportunities to further engage children in extra curricular activities eg cooking club.
  • Apply knowledge and skills from other subjects to make DT more relevant eg Maths, Science, Computing, Art
  • Develop links with the wider community to raise aspirations an to promote future opportunities working in DT . eg Lancaster University Engineering

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

In DT, we have been building bridges to help the goats cross over the river where the troll lives! It needed to be strong, sturdy and 30cm with a ramp on and off and sides so you don't fall off! This was tricky but we tried our best to create the safest bridge for the...

Making a Bridge Prototype

Making a Bridge Prototype

Year 2 are preparing to help the three billy goats gruff. They need a strong and sturdy bridge to cross over the river. We have explored different ways of joining, creating and making a prototype for a bridge that is 30cm long. Take a look!

Year 1 DT – sock puppets

Year 1 DT – sock puppets

We have had fun designing, creating and evaluating our sock puppets over the past few weeks. He used our designs to create a prototype and our final product. We attached the features using glue. We talked about what we liked about our sock puppet and what we would...

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