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Curriculum Champions

Meet our new Curriculum Champions for 2017-18

Once again, it was wonderful that we received so many enthusiastic applications.

The group will be responsible for ensuring that the curriculum at Sandylands is steeped in real experiences and provides children with skills for life. They will be conducting learning walks, talking to children, staff and Governors. This will ensure our classrooms are excellent learning environments that celebrate children’s work. Anyway, let me introduce you to our amazing team.

Curriculum Champions 1

Curriculum Champions 1

Hi, I am a curriculum champion and I am proud to be helping Sandylands be an even better place to be! Hi, I have been chosen to be a curriculum champion and I would love to work with other schools in our local area to share some of the great experiences we have here...

Curriculum Champions 2

Curriculum Champions 2

Hi, I am a curriculum champion and I look at helping pupils and staff to evaluate all the work in classes. I will be helping Sandylands become a better place. I want to focus on English especially story writing. I will be talking to Mrs Lupton about this! Hi, as a...

Curriculum Champions 3

Curriculum Champions 3

Hi, I would like to improve the work and the classroom environment, including displays and other people’s education. Mrs Lupton and Mrs Cokell will help me – I hope!

Curriculum Champions 4

Curriculum Champions 4

Hi, We’ve been chosen to be a curriculum champion and we would like to make the school a happy place and a place where pupils and teachers are excited to go! We will be working with Mrs Greenwood to look at our values and PSHE lessons.

Curriculum Champion – Maths

Curriculum Champion – Maths

Hi, I am a curriculum champion for Sandylands and I would like to improve the Maths by making it more fun and interactive. One of my first priorities, will be to work with Mrs Stephenson on improving classroom activities in Maths to make them more interactive.

The Curriculum champions were busy this morning looking at attendance and ways to encourage children to ‘ be on time at 5 to 9’ and attend school regularly. They came up with some brill ideas and decided what the ‘Planets attendance game’ prize should be. Watch out on the  Curriculum Champions page  over the next few days for more information !

Curriculum champions – what makes a good leader?

Thank you to some of the Curriculum champions who were working on what makes a good leader. Some great ideas including being organised, having a sense of humour, being a good problem solver and having creative fresh ideas. 

Seeking help!

The curriculum leaders met today to discuss how best to communicate with the teachers and other staff when they are finding something difficult. One of the key headlines which came out of the discussions was how much they enjoyed using the school APP in lessons. 

” It’s like a private conversation between the teacher and me – I don’t have to get embarrassed about asking for help in front of my friends”

Thanks for your input Champions! We can now feedback these ideas and thoughts to the class teachers and staff. 

Classroom Learning  walk  June 2017

In June, all the Curriculum Champions split into groups and walked around the school and classrooms looking at displays and classroom environment. We met with Mrs Hickson and gave our feedback – both positive and negatives! We then set up a meeting with Mrs Lupton who is the Curriculum leader and we came up with some conclusions. Below is a summary of our findings and some areas we would like to see more of…

Positive things 

Classrooms looked inviting and cheerful – we were stunned by all the creativity! There was a great positive atmosphere around school.

The presentation of the written work were thoroughly thought out and a lot of effort went into them.

The octopus is still being used and the different values are being identified by the teachers and children

Teachers are nice and friendly when you walk in the classroom.

Things we would like to see more of…

  • More examples of handwritten work by the children to be displayed rather than computer typed.

  • More artwork being taught and displayed around school.

  • Developing book corners – making them more friendly for children to go and sit in.

  • Challenges around the room – interactive displays where children can have a go!

  • Move furniture around to make more space in the classrooms.

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