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Our Art curriculum intent…

Engage, inspire and challenge children through a sequence of well-planned lessons.

Provide knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create own works of art.

To deepen knowledge and skills throughout KS1 and KS1 to achieve mastery.

Think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of techniques and a range of artists.

Know how art and design reflect and shape our history.

Know how art contributes to culture, creativity, our locality and the wealth of our nation.

Year 2 Clay workshops

Year 2 Clay workshops

  Year 2 have been refining their clay skills over the last 2 days - they were making coil pots and smoothing and joining clay. It was great for them to work with a real life potter in their workshop.

Still life drawings

Still life drawings

  Year 6 used Picasso as inspiration for their still life drawings in Art. They used carbon paper and moved around the room to view objects from different perspectives.

Year 1 Jackson Pollock art

Year 1 Jackson Pollock art

Year 1 have been busy creating their own Jackson Pollock paintings by splashing, dripping and splatting the paint. They has a lot of fun throwing the paint onto large sheets of paper and moving around, just like Jackson Pollock did with his action paintings. We loved...

Where the Wildlings are…

Where the Wildlings are…

As part of our Eden Learning, Year 6 took part in an exciting project centred around looking in detail at our school grounds and creating sketches based on the following brief... 'If you went home and overnight a magical event happened and everything changed in the...

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