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We were very excited when our caterpillars arrived. We watched as they grew bigger and bigger. They went into their cocoons and our beautiful butterflies hatched this week. We saw on uncurl its wings.


We read the story and put the events from the story into the correct order talking about the days of the week and how many fruits he ate through. Some children pretended to be caterpillars munching on the grass, going into their cocoon and then emerging as beautiful butterflies.

We made butterfly pictures with paint, natural materials, junk modelling and made caterpillar pictures from leaves.


We practised developing our fine motor skills threading pasta caterpillars, painting butterflies and using the tweezers to pick up the green caterpillars.



We searched for minibeasts and used the cards and minibeast mats to find the written words for the minibeasts.


We made our own caterpillar cakes in the mud kitchen.

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