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What an exciting week we had. We shared the story ‘Room on a Broom’. We pretended to be the different characters from the story using sticks for our broom and our wands. 

We read some of our favourite books. ‘That’s not my witch’ and ‘That’s not my monster’. We are really good at reading these stories to our friends.

We practised using scissors to cut the spider legs. We looked for spider webs in the garden and we crawled through our big spider web

We scooped out pumpkins to make pumpkin pies.

We mixed our own potions and talked about what would happen when we drank the potion.


We used our fingers and hands to push and hammer the golf tees into the pumpkin and to pick the insects out of the jelly.

We practised our mark making.


We did some dancing to scary music. We talked about how the mood monsters turn green when they are scared and things we can do to make us feel better if we feel scared.