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We explored the changes in our garden in Autumn. We explored lots of different Autumn objects, conkers, acorns, sycamore seeds and different colour leaves. We made prints with leaves and twigs. We rolled painted conkers around in a tray to make a picture. We made rubbings from leaves and bark.

We talked about the weather and loved being outside on a windy day.

We read the story ‘After the Storm’ and talked about the different animals in the story. We collaged our own animals talking about the materials and if they were soft or hard and spiky. We painted pictures of the animals from the story.



Squirrel                                                   Hedgehog                                       Owl                                                        Owl

We practised snipping with scissors and counting conkers for the hedgehog and to decorate our mud pies.

We made bird feeder with cheerios to develop our fine motor skills.

We really enjoyed looking at our book ‘That’s not my Owl’ and could read the story for our friends.

We pretended to be Percy the Park Keeper and tried to find new homes for the animals. We talked about where we could find the animals in our woods. Are they “up in the tree” “behind the log” “under the bricks” “on the sand pit”