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We were blown away with the maturity and enthusiasm of our Pupil Parliament last week. They visited the Lancashire County Council buildings in Preston and were able to pose questions to the Chairman Councillor Yates and Councillor Pattison. There were a great range of really thought-provoking questions and suggestions ranging from clearing the alleyways to enable them to play safely, disabled parking, more child-friendly activities in local museums to energy saving suggestions for school. The chairman Councillor Yates was so impressed he wants to visit school. We are so very proud of our children – real local community ambassadors in action!

Below are some of the questions and suggestions ….

Luca  – You mentioned in your presentation about spending money in schools… are you thinking about renewable energy? What about putting solar panels on the school roofs?

Faith  – I am a reading ambassador, you say you put money into libraries, but what about the school libraries? We could always do with new books!

Jessica – Since you guys run museums – do you run the Lancaster Maritime museum? Can you think about children when planning some of the activities?

Javier – Is it still possible to become a politician if you’ve made mistakes?

Luca – Could you tell us what you are going to do about all the holes in the roads – it makes it difficult for people to use their bikes and save the planet!

Ty – My brother is disabled and my mum finds it hard to move him around. We have contacted the council about a disabled parking space outside our house, but it takes a really  long time. Please could you speed up the process of DLA?

Issac – Who declares war and what can we do about it at a local level?

Jennifer – Why do Morecambe not do festivals like before Covid? They need to encourage people to come like in London… all the money is spent in London!

Josey – Rubbish in our back alleyways and yards is a problem and there is nowhere for us to play. What are you doing to help with this?

Penny – When you’re doing an election, how do you know you’re making a sensible choice?