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It was Safer Internet Day today and we took part in activities which promoted how to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively.

Both KS1 and KS2 started their Safer Internet Day with a virtual assembly. During the pandemic, there was a huge increase in online gaming. During the assembly, KS1 looked at the story Digiduck and the Magic Castle which focused on playing games online. Other themes within the book included peer pressure, password sharing and in-app purchasing. KS2 explored the importance of relationships whilst playing online.

KS1 were given a quiz linked to their assembly. They also watched a live lesson and completed a MashCam activity where children are to create their top tips!

KS2 experienced a Virtual Reality Anti-bullying workshop which offered a safe space for children to immerse themselves in real life scenarios. This thought-provoking workshop placed children into a real-life situation where they learnt about the background of characters and their motives whilst also learning about how to respond to bullying. Classes were provided with virtual reality headsets, where they were able to experience 3600 views and put themselves in the different scenarios.


Below is the link to Sandylands online safety guidance with resources you might want to use at home as a follow up to today’s activities.

Online Safety

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