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In Nursery we have been looking at the book “Here Comes Jack Frost”.

Jack Frost changed our story corner into a frosty area one night We made snowflakes by tearing tissue paper and sticking it on a snowflake template. We made icicles using pipe cleaners and beads. Jack Frost then froze all the pens so we had to find a way to melt the ice. We rubbed it to make it melt. He also froze our paints and we had to rub them on the paper to melt them so we could paint.


We have been exploring winter art.

We mixed white and black paint to make grey. We found sticks in the garden and used these to print onto black paper. We then painted bubble wrap white and overprinted onto the stick prints to make snow.

We made salt dough winter garment decorations to hang up.

We tried to blow white and black paint together to make grey. We found this very hard to do!

We have talked about ways to keep warm in winter.

We wear coats, hats, gloves, scarves and boots to keep warm.

We run around the garden doing exercise to keep warm. We liked to play our Jack Frost game where Jack Frost freezes his friends.

We pretended to make drinks to keep us warm in the home corner. We practised making a cup of tea in the water and made hot chocolate in the mud kitchen.

We talked about how we can eat warm food. We peeled and chopped vegetables to make our own soup. It was very tasty.

We pretended to make some soup in our house and in our mud kitchen too.

We then set up our own vegetable shop to buy vegetables.

We have looked at different animals in winter.

Some animals hibernate. We have made our own hedgehog dens in the garden.

In the construction are we have been building caves for our bears.

We have been drawing animal footprints using chalk.



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