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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over the first lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This week in Reception, we are looking at Chinese New Year

We are continuing with our daily loom videos and you can watch all of the videos daily. They will be uploaded to the webpage by 9.30am each day.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].
We would love to see it!

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Monday 8th Feb

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This week’s English Loom videos

Monday 8th Feb

Tuesday 9th Feb

Wednesday 10th Feb

Thursday 11th Feb

Friday 12th Feb



This weeks focus is Chinese New Year and The Zodiac Story

Click on the link below


This week’s Maths Loom videos

Monday 8th Maths

Tuesday 9th Maths

Wednesday 10th Maths

Thursday 11th Maths

Friday 12th Feb


Phonics sessions with Read Write inc

This week as a learning about Chinese New Year. Below is the plan for lots of different activities to do underneath you will find the resources you might need to complete the activities


Home Learning WB 08.02.21 CNY


Bigger printable version below – click on the link


 Weekly Plan 8.2



Resources for this week


English Activities


Watch and listen to the story about the animal race. Can you remember any of the animals in the race? Who won the race and how did they do it?
Let’s make some animal cards to order the animals in the race.
Use the animal cards attached or you could make your own. Can you write the animal’s names on them? Use your Fred fingers to write the sounds you can hear.
Use the sound mat attached to help you.

Monday Animal Cards
Monday Literacy Sound Mat

Printable Versions Below

 Animal Cards

 Sound Mat 




Look at the information attached about Chinese New Year. Read up to the dragon page. What celebrations can you remember so far? Look at the dragon what can you see?
Let’s label the dragon using the sounds you can hear. How about a little sentence? EG A big dragon. Don’t forget the sound mat to help you.

Tuesday And Wednesday Chinese New Year Information
Tuesday Dragon Labelling


Printable Versions Below

 Chinese New Year Information

 Dragon Labelling




Recap the celebrations about Chinese new year from the information above
Read the rest of the information about Chinese New Year. Can you remember 3 different ways that the New Year is celebrated? Could you tell an adult and maybe describe some of them. EG the bright colourful fireworks. Could your adult write these ideas down on a spider diagram?





Watch the loom and read the Rat story with Miss McLaren.     Can you practise the above words before you start?



Can you write a card to celebrate Chinese New Year?
What would you write inside?
Here are some templates to help you.

Friday Chinese New Year Card Templates

Printable Version Below

 Card Template


Maths activities

Monday Session 1

Starter – Drop some 1p coins into a glass whilst the children have their eyes shut. Can they estimate how many there are? Repeat. Repeat and count. How many coins altogether?

(SHOW) Discuss last week’s learning and what we did – finding half. Ask the chn to tell you the important rule (halves are = / the same). Work through the examples on the loom video and make links between the amount of objects and the numbers. I.e. We want to find half of four, look there are four apples (count them). How do we make half? Each half contains 2. Make concrete links between the numbers and the objects. Extend this activity by adding the two halves back together again. (Doubling the numbers).


Tuesday Session 2

Starter – Drop some 1p coins into a glass whilst the children have their eyes shut. Can they count how many there are? How much money is in the glass? What is the value?

SHOW) Re-cap yesterdays learning about halving and the link between the objects and the numbers. Today explain that we are going to try to find half a number without using the objects. The first few examples may need some modelling. Draw some corresponding dots and model halving them. Work on halving even numbers within 10 / 20. How can they children check that they have half? What do the halves need to be? Work some examples and address any misconceptions. Extend this activity by adding the two halves back together again. (Doubling the numbers). See Tuesday’s activity

Maths Tuesday 09.02.21

Printable Version Below

 Maths Tuesday 9.2.21



Wednesday Session 3

Starter – Using a red envelope (Ang Poa activity) give your child some coins. Ask them to open the envelopes and tell you which coins are inside.

(DO) Set up a role play scenario using a soft toy/s and some objects in various even quantities. Explain to the chn the toys have got lots of sweets / food / presents etc but they need to share them equally. What do they need to find? How can they do this? Model and example using one of the quantities i.e. 6 smarties. Share into halves. Ask your children to share the rest of the quantities out into halves so that the toys have an equal amount. How can they check they are correct? You could make this activity more challenging by using some fruits that need to be halved i.e. banana. Ensure that you always supervise children when using blunt cutting tools. See Wednesday’s activity

Maths Wednesday 10.02.21


Printable Version Below

 Maths Wednesday 10.2.21



Thursday Session 4

Starter – Using a red envelope (Ang Poa activity) give your child some coins. Ask them to open the envelopes and tell you which coins are inside.

(DO) Re-cap what we have learned and what the important rules are when halving. Explain to the children that we are going to try to find half of some numbers and that they can work it out how they wish. They can draw pictures/dots etc like we did in Tuesdays lesson. Alternatively, they might be able to work it out another way. Ask them to show how they have found half of a given number on paper. Give some examples which cannot be halved without use of decimals i.e. 5 or 7. See if the children pick up that it is not possible. Ask them how they reached their conclusion. See Thursday’s activity.

Maths Thursday 11.02.21

Printable Version Below

 Maths Thursday 11th 



Friday Session 5

Task – (THINK)

This session is to expand problem solving capabilities and critical thinking.  Re-cap learning from the week and ask the chn some questions.

SHOW ME: half of 6- how do you know? What do I need to do?

CONVINCE ME: Ask them to convince you that you cannot share 7 sweets between me and you. That half of 4 is 2.
If the children are confident with halving extend the weeks learning with some additional challenges. These could be word problems or inverse operations. I.e. I have 4 in this half and 4 in this half. How many did I start with?




Learning Activity
This week we will practise logging into purple mash again using the log in details provided. You should all have received your log in details by now.


Help your child find the keys on the keyboard/tablet/phone to type their username.
Then allow them to enter the password using numbers or pictures. Then click the smiley face.
Allow them to explore ‘mini-mash’.
Over the coming weeks we will aim to increase your child’s independence and complete activities on purple mash.




What is Chinese New Year? Watch the videos on the CBeebies homepage. 


Talk about China and that it is a country in Asia, which is a continent. What is a country? What is a continent? Where is China? Look on Google Maps. Estimate how long it might take you to get there. How would you get there? Make a paper aeroplane. Estimate how far it may be able to fly.


2. Talk about the videos and celebrations. Do we celebrate the new year? How are the celebrations the same? How are they different? Make a list of similarities and differences i.e. families get together and share food. Can the children draw a picture of a time that was special to them?


Complete the Chinese NY quiz with an adult using the following link.



Physical Development

Activity 1 – Watch the video of the Chinese New Year dragon dance. How does the dragon move? What is the music like? How does the dragon move in time to the music / beat? Can you try to dance like a Chinese dragon? Maybe an adult could help by making a drumming noise. Swap over. Can you keep the beat by banging a pan with a spoon or clapping?

Dragon Dance:



Activity 2 – Try some Yoga with Cosmic Kids. This week’s episode focuses on dragons and dinosaurs. This video is quite long so please do as much or as little as you wish.

Cosmic Kids:



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Activity 1 – Using the Chinese Alphabet help the children to find the letters from their name in Chinese. Attempt to paint / draw the symbols on a piece of paper.

Can they write their name underneath it? With the help of an adult can you find out what your name means? Which year of the Chinese Zodiac were you born in?

Chinese Alphabet


Printable Version Below

 Chinese Alphabet



Activity 2 – Complete the ‘What am I PDF’ with the children. Get them to talk about the animals and use the clues to guess which animal is being revealed.

What Am I


Printable Version Below

 What am I?


Communication and Language

Talk about the part of the story where the rat pushes the cat into the river and then beats the ox. Did the rat win the race fairly? How would you describe the rat’s actions? Was it fair?

Talk about cheating at something whether it be a game, a race or something else? Is it OK to cheat in order to win or get the best result?

If you have any characters at home perhaps you could have a race with them. Did everyone follow the rules?

How did the cat feel? How did the Ox feel?



Expressive Arts and design

Activity 1 – Watch the video ‘Preparing for Chinese and Lunar New Year’ video from the Cbeebies site @ 2:00 mins. The family exchange red envelopes which contain money. Try to make your own ‘ang poa’ or follow the instructions and use the template attached.


Envelope Template


Printable Version Below

Red Money Envelope 



Activity 2 – Using an old toilet roll tube create some spectacular Chinese new year firework paintings. See picture below.

Story Time

Monday’s story “How to Catch a Dragon”

Tuesday’s story “Guess How Much I Love You”

Wednesday’s story “Puff the Magic Dragon”

Thursday’s story “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes”

Friday’s story

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