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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over the first lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This week in Reception, we are looking at Space

We are continuing with our daily loom videos and you can watch all of the videos daily. They will be uploaded to the webpage by 9.30am each day.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].

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This week’s English Loom video

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This weeks Book Focus – Way Back Home

Oliver Jeffers





This week’s Maths Loom video 

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Phonics sessions with Read Write inc





This week as a learning about Space. Below is the plan for lots of different activities to do underneath you will find the resources you might need to complete the activities


Home Learning WB 22.02.21


Bigger printable version below – click on the link

Weekly Plan 22.2


Resources for this week 

English Activities


Monday Task 1

What could be inside the spaceship? Describe what you think is inside to an adult or friend? Can they draw what you are describing? Don’t forget to add details in full sentences.


Tuesday Task 2 

Can you guess from the pictures who was in the spaceship?

Watch the Loom and write some simple sentences.

EG It is _____. He is ________. He can _______.


Tuesday Literacy


Printable Version Below

Tuesday Literacy pictures


Wednesday Task 3

Lets look at Buzz’s favourite book ‘Way Back Home’. Read to the boy being stuck on the moon. What should he do now? What would you do? What can you see? Record on thought bubbles.

Way Back Home- Oliver Jeffers

Thursday Task 4

Recap the story so far. Read until the boy climbs the rope. What can he see?

Write captions to match the picture.  EG I can see

Thursday Literacy


Printable Version Below

Thursday Literacy Pictures


Friday Task 5

Look at these words – in   the  and   he

Read the story together and the children are word spotters finding the specified words and sounds on the loom.





Maths activities 


Monday Session 1

Starter – Listen to 5 little men in a flying saucer. Count backwards from 5 as each man flies away.


Task – (SHOW)

Model counting 10 objects out. Count forward. Then model counting backwards from 10. As you count move one object to a separate pile and count down to 0 Explain that when we are counting back we are ‘taking away’. This is called ‘subtraction’. Sometimes we need to take away as well as add. Show the chn the subtraction sign and explain what it means. Show them where they would see it in a number sentence. Reinforce language of ‘take away’ and subtraction and explain that they are special words we use to describe this operation. Complete additional activity

Maths Monday 22.02.21


Printable Version Below

Maths Monday 22.2


Tuesday  Session 2

Starter –   Listen to 5 little men in a flying saucer. Count backwards from 5 as each man flies away.

Task –  (SHOW)

Re-cap language from yesterday. Can you remember the words that we used? Subtract / take away. Explain that today we will be attempting to subtract using some objects. Model taking away from a group of objects. I.e. 5 take away 2 is 3. Repeat several examples and ask the children to try some with you.  Complete additional activity.

Maths Tuesday 23.02.21


Printable Version Below

Maths Tuesday 23.2


Wednesday  Session 3

Starter – Look at a group of objects. Can the children say which has more? Which has less?


Task –(DO)

Re-cap yesterday’s learning and reinforce language of subtract/take away. Work some more subtraction examples but this time write the corresponding number sentence. I.e. 8 – 3 = 5. Pose some examples to the children and ask them to work the answer out using objects independently. Ensure chn start with one group of objects and are ‘subtracting’ objects. Address any misconceptions regarding the process.  Complete additional activity.

Maths Wednesday 24.02.21


Printable Version Below

Maths Wednesday 24.2


Thursday Session 4

Starter – Ask the chn if they can remember what estimating is? Having a ‘sensible guess’. Explain they are going to practise. Show a group of objects for a limited amount of time (5 seconds). Cover the objects and ask the chn to estimate the amount. Repeat several times.


Task –(DO)

Show the chn the numicon shapes. Make comparisons to numbers i.e. 5 has five holes etc.  Have some of the numicon shapes. Choose a 7 shape. “We want to take away 3. We can pretend to take away 3 by hiding part of the 7 shape.” Model this. Ask” “What is 7 takeaway 3?” Check with the 4 shape. Model the language: “7 takeaway 3 equals 4.” Repeat with other shapes. Ask the chn to complete some examples independently. Use the shapes to reinforce the fact that they are subtracting.  Complete additional activity.

Maths 25.02.21
Numicon Cut Out Thursday 25.02.21

Printable Versions Below

Maths Thursday 25.2

Numicon Cut out 


Friday Session 5

Task – (THINK)


This session is to expand problem solving capabilities and critical thinking.

Ask the chn some of the following questions. They have to answer –

Always, sometimes, never

  1. When I take away, the number will always be smaller
  2. The answer will be never be bigger than the 1st number.

Same and different… Can the children show you how these are the same or different?

5 is the same as 7-2

8-5 is the same as 10-7

Can your child talk to you and try give a suitable answer?




Activity 1: Have a look outside when it is dark. Look up at the sky. What can you see? What is different? What is the same?


Make a space spotter out of some card or an old tissue box. Cut a hole (if necessary) in the card and use it to frame parts of the sky. What can you see? You can record this by taking a picture, writing a list, making a star chart or any other means.


Activity 2: Look through Buzz’s space facts. There are some really interesting facts about our solar system.

Buzz's Space Facts


Printable Version Below

Buzz’s space facts

Choose a fact that interests you the most and make a poster about it.

Additional Space Resource
Additional Space Resources 2


Printable Version Below

Additional Space Resource

Additional Space Resource 2



Activity 1: Log onto purple mash using the details that you have been provided with. Try to increase your child’s independence with this task.


Activity 2: Once you have logged in see if you can navigate to the 2Do section (see below). Here you can find weekly activities to complete based on our topic.






Activity 1 – Try to follow some of this yoga routine. Cosmic Yoga in space:





Listen to ‘All are welcome’ story from loom. Stop at appropriate points and look at the people in the story. How are they different to each other? Why are they different? Do you recognise any of the activities from the story? Talk about things that are similar to your life and things that may be different. Is it Ok for people to be different? Wear different clothes etc. What is the message in the book?





Activity 1 – Think of some questions to ask the Martian. What would you ask him? Who / What / Where / How questions. I.e. How will we get home?


Activity 2 – Try learning this fun mnemonic to help you remember the order of the order of the planets. Can the children remember the names of the planets? Can they order them?

My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles


(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).


Expressive Arts and design


Activity 1: Using the planetary cut outs create a space mobile. You could use an old coat hanger to suspend the planets from. Don’t forget to put them in the correct order.



Task 2. Watch the solar system song by story bots:


Can you sing the song together?



Story Time 

Monday’s story ‘All Are Welcome’

Tuesday ‘On the Way Home

Wednesday ‘On the Road’