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Home Learning Nursery – Week beginning 8.2.21

Hello! Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over the first lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Send in your work to [email protected].

This week in Nursery we are looking at Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day. Please see below so that you can follow it at home too.

Every day, we will share the learning on the nursery webpage, so you can see which Loom videos you need to watch and then have a go at the activities.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].
We would love to see it!

In your home learning pack there is a Learning overview for Nursery 8.2.21 along with a paper copy of all the activities.

There are daily activities for Maths, Busy Bodies, Reading, Phonics, Speaking and Listening with Miss Walton, Group time and a Story.
What a busy day, have fun!


Introduction to the day- Loom

Monday 8th February

Tuesday 9th February

Wednesday 10th February

Thursday 11th February

Friday 12th Feb
This week’s plan is below for you to have an overview of the different activities

Home Learning overview EYFS 8.2.21

Printable version of home learning plan 08.02.21

  Home Learning Overview 08.02.21



Busy Body Challenges – Lets get your body working with daily activities.


REMEMBER if you go outside please ensure you stay a safe distance away from others.

Monday – Can you practise jumping, hopping and running? Watch the skill videos below

Lancashire School Games – Early Years Learn – Jumping – YouTube


Tuesday Can you have a go at one of the boogie beebies videos?

CBeebies – Boogie Beebies – Clips (

Or put on some music and have a dance.

When you are exercising can you feel your heart beating faster? Are you getting warmer?


Wednesday – Can you get a small tub with rice or pasta in? Can you use your pincer grip to pick up the pasta or rice one piece at a time? Can you put it into another pot?


Thursday – Can you make a tower with some lego or bricks?


Friday – Can you trace over and copy the patterns below?

Lines And Circles


Printable version below


Additional Activities –

Have a go at some of these colouring in and cutting sheets.

Pancake face cutting activity-

Love heart cutting activity-

Love themed colouring in sheets-

Patterned love heart colouring in sheets-


Literacy Challenges-

Monday – Watch the Loom video story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes – Can you point the writing and can you point to the drawing?

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes


Tuesday– Can you remember our story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes? Can you remember some of the characters from the story? Can you draw the characters?


Wednesday– Can you read a book to an adult? Maybe a favourite story. Can you hold the book correctly and turn the pages?


Thursday– Have a look at the sheet attached. Can you read any of the logos?

Reading Logos

Printable Version Below

    Reading shopping logos



Friday – Can you write the initial letter of your name in your valentine’s card? Can you write any more letters from your name? Remember to form them correctly.



Maths Time – Watch today’s Loom video

This week we are practising counting objects and actions.

Maths Monday 8th Feb Counting 1

Maths Tuesday 9th Feb Counting 2

Maths Wednesday 10th Feb Counting 3

Thursday 11th February Counting 4

Friday 12th February Counting 5




Can you find lots of different things around your home? Can you count 1 of each object? Can you show 1 on your fingers? Can you do 1 clap. 1 jump, 1 nod?



Can you find lots of different things around your home? Can you count 2 of each object? Can you show 2 on your fingers? Can you do 2 claps. 2 jumps, 2 nods?


Wednesday  –

Can you find lots of different things around your home? Can you count 3 of each object? Can you show 3 on your fingers? Can you do 3 claps. 3 jumps, 3 nods?



Can you find lots of different things around your home? Can you count 4 of each object? Can you show 4 on your fingers? Can you do 4 claps. 4 jumps, 4 nods?



Can you find lots of different things around your home? Can you count 5 of each object? Can you show 5 on your fingers? High 5! Can you do 5 claps. 5 jumps, 5 nods?


Additional Activities –

Counting sheet. Can you count the number of objects? Can you show how many on your fingers?

Pancake Challenge or have a go at the website below

T M 33801 Eyfs Maths Mastery Counting Home Learning Challenge Pancake Faces Ver 3

Printable Versions Below

  Counting Sheet

  Pancake Challenge


Can you practise counting with Miss Purcell and learn this number rhyme about pancakes? Can you use your fingers to show how many pancakes?



Five Crispy Pancakes Song

Printable Version Below

  5 Crispy Pancakes



Phonics Time –

Below are this week’s daily phonics videos.

Monday 8th February

Tuesday 9th Feb 

Wednesday 10th Feb

Thursday 11th February

Friday 12th Feb


Rhyme Time –

Nursery Rhymes – Mix a Pancake. Can you learn to sing this rhyme?


Mix A Pancake

Printable Version Below

  Mix a Pancake


Speaking and Listening with Mrs Walton- watch the Looms and join in!

Monday/Tuesday = using 3-5 word sentences

Wednesday/Thursday  – remembering 3 items

Group time

Activity 1 Monday (Understanding the World/ICT)

All About Pancake Day. Watch the Loom video below.



Tell your family about pancake day. Do you have pancakes? What will you have on your pancakes? Take a picture on a phone of your pancakes. Don’t forget to ask your grown up.

Activity 2 Tuesday (Understanding the World/ICT)

Valentine’s Day. Watch the Loom video.


Who do you love in your family? Can you talk about a special time or special event that you shared?


Additional tasks:

Log in to your purple mash account – Can you make a pancake recipe using the pictures?


Activity 3 Wednesday (Communication and Language)

Look at the picture from our story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes


Larger Printable Version Below

  Mr Wolf’s Pancake Picture


Task –
Can you talk about what is happening in the picture using full sentences? Can you find the different characters from the story? Why do you think Little Red Riding Hood is running? Why has Mr Wolf got his apron on? Can you find which house the characters live in?

Activity 4 Thursday (Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Listen to the story Mr Wolf’s pancakes. How did Mr Wolf feel? Can you remember our mood monsters? What colour would Mr Wolf be? Can you think of ideas to help Mr Wolf?

Link to Loom video story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes Story

Mood Monster pictures

Mood Monster

Printable Version Below

  Mood Monsters


Activity 5 Friday (Expressive Art and Design)

Task – Can you make a valentine’s card. Match the corners together and fold the card. Now draw some pictures on the front of the card. Can you draw a heart? Can you draw a circle and make a flower picture?


Additional tasks:

Log in to your purple mash account – Can you draw some flowers? Can you make a card?

Story Time

Monday “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.” Read by Mrs Dixon

Tuesday  “The Runaway Pancake.” Read by Mrs Walton

Wednesday “The Perfect Hug” Read by Miss Purcell

Thursday 11th Feb “Guess How Much I Love You” Read by Miss Clements

Friday 12th Feb

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