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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment.

This week, we are launching our Year group Loom videos. An adult at home should have received details of how to access your Loom account. Once you log on  you will be able to watch and listen to your Year group welcome and run through your learning for each day as well as some English and Maths session starters. You can watch the daily videos via the links below. They will be uploaded daily and available from 9.30am each day.

Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]

 Morning Welcome Loom videos are below

Monday –

Tuesday –
Wednesday –

Thursday –



This week’s English Loom videos are below 

Monday –

Tuesday –
Wednesday –

Thursday –



Bootleg 2 –

Bootleg 3 –

Bootleg 4

Bootleg 5

Click on the plan below to access your activities for Reading and Writing this week. The Year 6 teachers will be running through your activities on Loom each day, so log on and watch the video before completing the work below.



English plan_Alma_11jan21_pupil-friendly




Printable version below


Writing – Follow the link to access the video to Alma for your writing activities

There is also a Paragraphing prompt sheet you might need to help you with your writing. This is below.


Reading – You will need the text of The Nowhere Emporium  to answer the guided reading questions. The extract you will need is below – click on the link for a printable version too.



Nowhere Emporium_opening extract



Printable version below



This week’s  Maths Loom videos are below

Monday –

Tuesday –
Wednesday –

Thursday –


The Year 6 teachers will be running through your activities on Loom each day, so log on and watch the video before completing the work below.  This week in our Maths we will be looking at Percentages.

Session 1 – The video below gives you some more information and then you will be able to complete the activity sheets. There are printable version below if you click on the links.





Printable version


Session 2 – Watch the Loom video for todays Maths – Convert fractions to percentages. The video below gives you some more information and then complete the activity sheets.


Convert fractions-to-percentages_activity


Printable version – click on the link

Session 3 – Watch the Loom video for todays Maths – Find a percentage of an amount. The power point below gives you some more information and then complete the activity sheets.

PowerPoint – Percentage of an amount 1 from White Rose.

Complete the tasks below




Printable version is below


Session 4 –  Access the power point –  Percentage of an amount 2 from White Rose. Click on the link to access and then complete the activities below.



Tasks – Percentage-of-an-amount-2


Printable version


Maths No Problem Workbook B – Finding a Percentage of a Quantity, pages 3-7 – activities below



MNP_percentages sheets


Printable version below – click on the link


Living Things and Their Habitats
Objective: Understand that all living things can be grouped into broad groups based on observable characteristics.

Key question: What is classification?

Key Vocabulary : Classification, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.

Learning Activity
List as many animals as you can and consider the following questions:
● What characteristics do they all share?
● What differences are there?
● How are animals different to plants?
● Can you think of any simple ways of grouping them?

Click on the link below to look at the powerpoint all about classification of animals or visit BBC Bitesize for more information the website link is below

STEM Learning_Classification. – What is classification?


Use the animal pictures and sort them into vertebrates and invertebrates. Can you think of more animals to add to the groups? Click on the links below to print the resources you will need for this activity or use the pictures below and make a table in your book.



Animal classification chart



Animal sorting activity



Printable version


For a little extra practice have a look at this Classification sorting games. Click on the link below to access the game



We are starting to learn about the The Vikings this half term.

Objective: Understand that history can present people as stereotypes.

Key question: What image do we have of Vikings today?

Key Vocabulary: Seafarer, raider, invader, settler, trader, Dane, Norsemen, longship.

Learning Activity


Viking Images


What words do we think of when we see these pictures? Annotate the sheet with your ideas and words to describe the Vikings? Write nouns in one colour, adjectives in another and adverbs in a third.

Where do our ideas about Vikings come from? Can you think of some popular sources? Think about films and television programmes, for example.

Use the link below to help you answer the questions



We are continuing to look at Picasso this week.

Key Question – How can we represent ourselves in the style of Picasso?

Key Vocabulary Line, shade, dark, light, shadow, curve, abstract, realistic.

Learning Activity  Create an abstract self-portrait. Can you draw and paint your self-portrait in the style of Picasso?

Look at the BBC clip to find out how Picasso came up with his abstract ideas.

Use the power point below to help you – click on the link

Abstract Self Portrait 

There is also some instructions below to help you. There is a printable version below.


Abstract Self Portrait Instructions


Printable version



Listen to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Click on the youtube link to listen

Key Vocabulary Song, introduction, rhythm section, riff, tempo, melody, verse, chorus, hook, backing vocals.

Learning Activity  Listen to the song, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Think about these questions as you listen. How does the song make you feel? Does this song tell a story? What does the song make you think about? How old is this piece of music? What makes you happy?

P4C – Philosophy for children 

Thinking About Difference

Race matters but how much? What differences matter most to us? How do we look beyond skin? How do we imagine ourselves and others from the outside and the inside? What makes us free? What makes us different? What makes us similar?

Read/watch this book and record your thoughts.
Skin Again


PE with Joe sessions are back on Joe’s official YouTube channel at 9am, (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), starting on 11th January.

Key Vocabulary  Exercise, cardio-vascular, circuit training.

Learning Activity  Work out with Joe – it’s only 20 minutes!
Search for Joe Wicks’ official YouTube channel.



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