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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]



Below you will find the plans for English this week. We are looking at the poem The Highwayman. If you are working from home, the parts highlighted in yellow are the activities you can complete.


Highwayman Week 1




Printable version below – click the link below

Highwayman Week 1



This is a copy of the poem for you to read and work from. There is a printable version below











 Guided Reading 

This week we are looking at the text The Nowhere Emporium. There are printable version underneath if you click on the link.






The questions for you to answer on Chapter 1 are below – click on the link


Nowhere Emporium Chapter 1


This week in Maths we are looking at multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. Follow the link on BBC Bitesize and then complete the White Rose Activity sheets


Task 1 – see separate White Rose Activity Sheets below





Printable version – click on the link below






Printable version below – click on the link






Printable versions are below




Task 2  – Maths no Problem books – the Maths No Problem workbooks will be available for collection later in the week. Complete pages 65 – 70



This is the question we will be considering in our Science   What is an irreversible change?

Key Vocabulary –   Irreversible    change   material    property

Learning Activity

Irreversible changes

Watch BBC Bitesize – follow the links

Key facts

Irreversible changes-A change is called irreversible if it cannot be changed back again.

In an irreversible change, new materials are always formed. Sometimes these new materials are useful to us.

Heating-Heating can cause an irreversible change. For example you heat a raw egg to cook it. The cooked egg cannot be changed back to a raw egg again.

Mixing-Mixing substances can cause an irreversible change. For example, when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed, the mixture changes and lots of bubbles of carbon dioxide are made. These bubbles and the liquid mixture left behind, cannot be turned back into vinegar and bicarbonate of soda again.

Investigation:  Making Plastic with Milk and Vinegar
Warm about half a pint of milk and add about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to it. The milk immediately curdles. Strain and keep the solid curds and put the plastic on kitchen paper to dry it. You can then handle it, put it in a mould or shape it yourself. This will dry firm overnight if kept in a warm place, become very hard in time and can be painted and varnished. Milk can be kept warm in a thermos flask.



This week in Art, we are looking at the Artist Degas. Follow the link to find out a little about the Artist.

Who was Degas?

Google some of his art work based on his dancers.







Printable version is below


Use the three examples on the sheet to make comments about what is in the picture.
How does Degas create shade and tone?
What lines can you see?
How does he show movement in the drawing?


This week in Music we will be listening and appraising the music track by Adele – Make you feel my love.
Click on the link to listen to the track

Key Vocabulary   Listen modern appraise structure  Instruments

Learning Activity
Listen to the music track by Adele – Make you feel my love.

Listen carefully and write about the instruments you can hear.
Decide if you like the song and explain why or why not.

Task – use the Karaoke link to learn the song. Karaoke version


This is the question we will be considering in our History this week.   Why did the Saxon’s come to Britain?

Key Vocabulary  Anglo-Saxons Britain invade clues

Learning Activity

Think about why the Saxon’s came to Britain. Look at the picture clues and write down your key points as to why they have might have come to Britain. Record your answers on the sheet


clues photos



clue sheet

Printable versions are below

clue sheet

clues photos


Answers for you to check  –
• Clue 1: More land for farming
• Clue 2: Better, milder climate
• Clue 3. Saxon land flooded
• Clue 4: There was not enough food
• Clue 5: They thought they could easily win any battle now that the Romans had gone
• Clue 6: The. Saxon leaders Hengist and Horsa were invited by the Celtic leader Vortigern to come over to help fight against the Picts



Learning Activity

Get active this week with Kids Bop dance video

Or relax with a great yoga session