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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over the first lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected].



This week we are looking at the text The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman

Chapter 1

The Fireworkmakers Daughter Extract Final


Printable version below – click on the link


Session 1

Watch the youtube clip of the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Click on the link to access the clip
Talk about fireworks with an adult – What’s the best fireworks you’ve ever seen? What colour would they be? What music would accompany them? How would they explode? What shape in the sky would they make? Where would you be?  Think about if you could invent a firework what would it be called? What would it contain? What colour would it be? How would it explode?

Now read Chapter 1 (pages 1 to 6) of the text

Look at the wordbank of fireworks names Lila and her father Lachland make and some of the ingredients along with a wordbank of words for colours, movement.

Click on the links to access these resources

Movement words


Learning activity at home Can you create their own firework describing their colour, how it explodes and moves choosing words from the word bank
Work on editing and improving these descriptions.


Session 2

Chapter 2

Clip on the link below to listen to chapter 2


Listen to Chapter 2 pages 15 to 17 to explore the character Lila and think about these questions – What is Lila like? How has she changed from the start of the story? Do you like her? Why? Is she right to leave, why?

Learning activity at home – Write a character profile of Lila using frame:

At the beginning she is…. She wants to…. When she finds out about the secret ingredients she is…..

Now think about the events in chapter 1 & 2 – How would you feel if you were Lachland and had read Lila’s letter?  Can you think of some questions you might as Lila if you met her?

Session 3 

Think about the previous session where we found out Lila was planning to leave home. Can you come up with some questions you might ask Lachland?

Learning activity at home – Write a letter to Lila as Lachland.

Focus on describing how Lachland felt about Lila. Try to use more ambitious vocabulary related to feelings (NOT JUST SAD!) Explaining why he felt like this.

Guided Reading 

This week we are looking at the text of Stuart Little – look at the text and answer the questions below


Stuart Little text



Printable version of the text – click on the link below


Click on the link below to access the questions for chapter 1 -5

Stuart Little Ch 1 to 5 questions



This week in Maths we are looking at Multiplication

Session 1 – to multiply by 0 and 1

Watch the Learning video below and then complete the tasks below. You can print off any of the White Rose sheets by clicking on the link below the PDF.

Task 1 – White Rose Activity sheets below





Printable version


Task 2 – Use your Maths no Problem workbooks which you can collect from school  to answer some more calculations on page 99-100



Session 2 – to multiply 3 numbers

Watch the Home Learning video below – click on the link and then complete the activity sheets


Task 1– White Rose Activity sheets




Task 2 –  Use your Maths no Problem workbooks which you can collect from school  to answer some more calculations on page 105-106


Session 3 – to multiply and divide by 3

Watch the Home learning video below and complete the activities

Task 1  – White Rose Activity Sheets – you can access these below








Printable versions below – click on the link


We are continuing to look at Sound in our Science sessions. We are considering the question – How are sounds made?

Key Vocabulary Vibrations, source, medium, eardrum, auditory canal, amplify, cochlea, pinna, Eustachian Tube, cochlea, sensory nerves, electrical impulses

Learning Activity

Create a poster to recap everything we have learned last half term about how sounds are made.

Make sure you include all the information about how sound travels through the ear.

Use the BBC Bitesize links to remind yourselves of the learning last half term


We are looking at sketching this half term in our Art sessions. This week we are looking at some of the work from the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.


Learning Activity Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? What was he famous for? Did he paint impressionist paintings or realism paintings? The Mona Lisa was the most famous painting of his – why was it unusual?

Use your purple mash log in and complete the 2Do – Factfile of Da Vinci.  If you need to remind yourself of the log in details, please email [email protected] and we will be able to ask your queries.

Below is the link to the Purple mash log in page


Listen to ABBA’s Mamma Mia. Click on the youtube link to access the music

Key Vocabulary – Perspective, balance and proportion, use of light and dark, sfumato, foreshortening

Recap the definitions of the words you learned last half term – pitch, volume, crotchet, quaver, semibreve, crotchet rest, quaver rest, semibreve rest.

Learning Activity  Answer the questions: · Do you like the song? · What can you hear? · What is the style of this music? · How many singers can you hear? · Do they all sing at the same time? What instruments can you detect when listening?