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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]


Eggs have been found! What do you think they are? What’s inside? Can you describe them?

feely bag words pics 4th Jan


They’re lost dinosaur eggs! What do you think dinosaurs are?



Dinosaur: A special kind of animal that lived on land a long time ago.

Extinct: No longer alive we cannot see them in the world we live in.

Prehistoric: A very long time ago.

Bones: Hard parts of the body which make up a skeleton.

Fossils: Fossils are parts of an animal which have made marks within the rock and has turned to rock itself over millions of years.

What do the you want to know about dinosaurs? Do you want information or stories? Do you know any dinosaur stories they would like us to read?


Palaeontologist: A scientist who explores prehistoric times.

Activity 1 

Can you draw a picture of a dinosaur?


This week we are looking at money.

Activity 1

Can you join in with this song? 5 Currant buns in a bakers shop.


Can you find any money in your house? What different coins can you find? Can you name the coins?

Activity 2

Dinosaur shop. Can you find the correct coin to pay for each of the dinosaur toys?



Dinosaur shopping