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This week in Reception, it’s a bit different  as we are looking at all things Scottish this week including the famous poet Robert Burns -you might want to find out more by watching our whole school video all about Scotland . Follow the link to youtube

We are continuing with our daily loom videos and you can watch all of the videos daily. They will be uploaded to the webpage by 9.30am each day.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].

We would love to see it!

Start the day….

Intro Monday 25th January — Watch Video

Tuesday 26th January – watch Video

Wednesday 27th January watch Video

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Friday 29th January

This week’s English Loom video

Monday 25th 

Monday 25th January -Literacy — Watch Video

Tuesday 26th January Literacy – Watch Video

Wednesday 27th January Literacy – Watch Video

Thursday 28th January Literacy – Watch Video

Friday 29th January Literacy – Watch Video


This weeks story No Such Thing as Nessie.

Click on the link below to listen to the story.



This week’s Maths Loom video 

Monday 25th

Maths Monday 25th January — Watch Video

Tuesday 26th January – Watch Video

Wednesday 27th January – Watch Video

Thursday 28th January – Watch Video

Friday 29th January – Watch Video



Phonics sessions with Read Write inc


This week as a whole school we are learning about the poet Robert Burns, Scotland and Scottish traditions. Below is the plan for lots of different activities to do underneath you will find the resources you might need to complete the activities


Burns Night project Reception



Bigger printable version below – click on the link

Burns Night project Reception


Resources for this week 

English Activities

Task 1   Watch the story up to 1min 14 seconds where you will see the binoculars. What might Finley see through them? Can you draw and label what you think he has seen? Use your Fred fingers to sound the words.


Task 2  Nessie Hunting kit- Stop the video at 2 minutes. What would you put in your kit bag? Can you make a list? Maybe you could draw them to in the template attached.

Click on the link to access the template to complete the task  Lit Tuesday Nessie hunting backpack


Task 3   What’s an Osprey? Stop the video at 3 mins 31 seconds.

Can you see the bird? Use this website and let’s write a fact file about it. Use the attached fact file to help you. You can even listen to the sound it makes!

Here is the link, click below.

Click on the link to access the fact file for the Osprey Lit Wednesday Osprey


Task 4 Character thought bubbles.

Stop the story when the Loch Ness monster disappears. What are Finlay and his Gran thinking? Write your ideas in thought bubbles.


Task 5  Watch the story to the end. Can we change the ending?

What would you chose to pop out and eat the shortbread biscuits?

An animal, bird, monster or even a dinosaur. What else could Nessie be?

Could you draw your idea and write a caption under it.  My Nessie is a _____________

Use your Fred fingers to sound it out.

Maths activities 

Monday Session 1

SHOW. Building on the learning from last week create two groups of objects. Which has more? Which has less? How do you know how many there are all together? You can count them. Model counting the objects in one group and ‘counting on’ from group one to group two. Emphasise that you do not need to stop counting. We are simply adding the two groups together by ‘counting on’. Extend this activity by drawing two groups of pictures and finding the totals.

Tuesday  Session 2

SHOW. Using groups of objects and a number line demonstrate counting to a certain number. Pause and discuss where that number/amount is on the number line. What would one more be? Work a few examples using the number line. Repeat for one less. There are additional activities to support this lesson attached.


Activities for Tuesday 26.01.21



Bigger printable version below – click on the link

Activities for Tuesday 26.01.21


Wednesday  Session 3

DO Using objects from the home create two groups of objects. Limit the total amount of objects to 10. How many are in their groups? How many are there altogether? Can they estimate? How can they check to see if they are correct? Can they ‘count on’ from the first group to the second? How many would there be if there was one more? How many if one less? There are additional activities to support this lesson attached.



Activities for Wednesday 27.01.21


Bigger printable version below – click on the link

Activities for Wednesday 27.01.21


Thursday  Session 4

SHOW. Building on the learning from this week use a number line and count to a certain number. Stop at a number e.g. 5, explain that ‘one more’ than 5 is 6. Explain you are simply ‘counting on’ to the next number. Count back from 10 to a given number e.g 8. Explain that ‘one less’ that 8 is 7. You simply have to ‘count back’. Reinforce more / less and counting ‘on / back’. Repeat a few examples. Verbally ask what is one more than X (8 for example). What is one less than X (3 for example). You can expand these examples up to 20 if your child if confident within 10. There are additional activities to support this lesson attached.



Activities for Thursday 28.01.21



Bigger printable version below – click on the link

Activities for Thursday 28.01.21


Friday Session 5

(THINK) This lesson is planned to develop problem solving skills. Therefore, your child may not be able to complete each activity or answer every question correctly. This is perfectly normal. You may wish to demonstrate a few examples before they try on their own.  You can try them in different contexts too.


  1. Fill two carrier bags with tin cans (different amounts). Ask you child to hold them. How could they describe them? Try this with pint glasses and water. Piles of books etc.


  1. Ask your child to close their eyes. Drop some coins into a glass whilst they listen. How many did you drop in? What skill could they use (estimate). Repeat? Can they count how many? What would 1 more be? What about one less?


3. Create some word problems. I.e. Johnny and Daisy were given some sweets. Johnny got given 5 sweets. Daisy was given one less. How many did Daisy get?


Understanding of the World   Robert Burns 

What is Burns night and why do we celebrate? Listen to the radio clip. Can you make a list of the things people do to celebrate Burns night? Click below

Who was Robert Burns?

Watch the News round clip and tell an adult why was Robert Burns famous?

Click the link below.


Task- Where is Scotland? Can you find it on a map?

click link below.

How would you travel to Scotland?

What is Scotland like? (See Scottish info cards)

Scottish cards UW


Have a look at these clips to help ypu.


How are the places different? What can you see at the castle? What is Loch Ness like? What would you wear if you went to Scotland on holiday? Can you draw and write your clothes in the suitcase? See attached.



suitcase UW activity




Printable version below



Look at a picture of the Scottish flag online. Discuss what shapes you can see in the flag and what colours.

Open the following link:


Once the jigsaw is opened select ‘change cut’ from the menu then ‘6 piece classic’.


Have a go at completing the jigsaw. Can you beat Mr. Dootson’s time of 4 minutes? Don’t forget to e-mail us once you’ve completed it.


Physical Development

Let’s have a go at Scottish dancing. Ask your family to join in! Can you move your arms and to make the same shapes?

Watch below.

Highland Games

Have a look at this and see if you can make your own games at home.

Can you make it a competition with your family?


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Talk about Scotland as a country. Explain that each country has their own national animal. Scotland’s is the unicorn. Listen to 10 Minutes To Bed Little Unicorn (Monday’s story). Why is she a naughty unicorn? Talk about what the unicorn should have been doing. Talk about bedtime at home. Do you sometimes not want to go to bed? Talk about routines etc and why they might be important.

You can also link the story to this weeks maths and ask what ‘one less’ is each time the minutes count down towards bedtime.

Communication and Language

Draw, paint or create your own Nessie. Talk about the legend of Nessie. Do you believe in Nessie? Why / why not? Whilst creating Nessie ask your child to add some features. Can you add some flippers and then some eyes? Maybe adults can create one too?

Once you have created your Nessie, start your own Nessie hunt at home or in the garden. You could hide Nessie daily (a little like elf of the shelf). The game could be called – Nessie’s getting messy! Talk about where Nessie is and what Nessie is doing.



Expressive Arts and design


Task- Could you create a tartan pattern of your own? Is it a repeating pattern?


Have a look at some of the designs. (Attached) Could you paint or colour the pattern? Which colours would you use? Can you explain why you picked those colours?

click below

Tartan pattern EAD


Listen to Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns. Explain that this is a ‘newer’ version.

Can how does it make you feel? Can you dance to it? Can you clap out the beat?


Discuss when this song is traditionally sung and why. Who might sing it?


Story Time 

Monday’s story

Monday 25th January – 10 minutes to bed little unicorn — Watch Video – Also the story for the Personal, Social Activity.

Tuesday 26th January Giraffes Can’t Dance 

Wednesday 27th January There’s a Tiger in the Garden

Thursday 28th January Supertato

Friday 29th January The Bear who Stared