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This week in Reception we will continue with our routine. Please see below so that you can follow it at home too.

Everyday we will share the learning on this page so you can see which Loom videos you need to watch and then have a go at the activities.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].

We would love to see it!

Reception  FRIDAY 15th 

Introduction to the day –

ENGLISH – Loom video followed by activity

Monday -.

Activity 1 Monday

Which characters have you met in the story? Can you make a list? Could you write any of their names?

Can you see the different settings? What can you see in each setting?

Tuesday –

Activity 2 Tuesday

What is Harry looking at? Can you guess what it might be? What could be in the museum?

Can you make a list with an adult?

Wednesday –

Activity 3 Wednesday

What has Harry found in the room? Can you name the different body parts of the T Rex? (See T Rex below). Write some captions to describe the skeleton.  EG A big leg., A long neck.

T Rex activity

Printable Version Below  


Thursday –

Activity 4 Thursday

Harry tells his address. What is an address? Do you know your address? Can you write your name and address? What number is on your door? Can you draw your house as well?

Friday –

Activity 5 Friday

Where is the story set now? Which is your favourite dinosaur? Can you explain why in a sentence? For example ‘The Triceratops is my favourite dinosaur because…..’

Can you describe it to an adult? There are some pictures of the dinosaurs for you to label. (See below)

Dinosaur cut outs

Printable Version Below

MATHS- Loom video followed by an activity


Activity 1 Monday

Re-cap the coins that we looked at last week. Who can remember their names? What are their shapes? What colour are they? Ask the children the names of the coins and discuss how they are different. (Shape, Colour, Size and VALUE). Explain 2p is 2 x 1p etc.


Activity 2 Tuesday

Using some coins reinforce their value, up to 50p. Show the children that 2p is 2 x 1p. 5 p is 5 x 1p etc up to 10p /20p. Ask them how many pennies might make 10p / 20p / 50p etc. Explain that £1 is 100 pennies and £2 is 200!!! Can the children count the correct amount of pennies for a given coin. I.e. 10 for a 10p.

Activity 3 Wednesday

Model ordering the coins you have from the least value to the greatest value i.e. 1p, 2p, 5p etc. Explain that the coins increase in value. Very similar to how numbers increase. Mix the coins up and ask the children to order the coins from the ones with the least value to the greatest.

Activity 4 Thursday

Using objects from around the home, role-play shop keeping with the children. Ideally the objects should be labelled with post-it-notes (or similar) identifying the price i.e. toy car  – 5p. Ask the children to pay for the items using the correct coins.

Friday –

Activity 5 Friday

Building on the learning from yesterday complete some more role play using objects. This time label the objects with prices that require use of multiple coins. I.e. 3p (2p + 1p). Ask the children how they could pay for the item as we don’t have 3p coins. If they are struggling remind them about the work that they have done on addition. (You may need to model one of two examples first). Explain that we can add coins together to make new amounts and sometimes we have to do this in real life. Complete several role play examples.

Phonics – Lesson to watch

Daily Activity time- Activities on the class page (See below)

Story time – 


Wednesday –



Below is the Home Learning overview for Reception 11.1.21

11th Jan 21

Printable Version Below

Literacy – Please watch the Loom each day and complete the activity.

Here is the full story we are reading this week for you to watch.



Maths – Please log into the loom for each day and watch the video. Then you will be able to complete the activity. Resources needed are below.

Maths Sheet 2 WB 11.01.21

Printable Version Below

Maths WB 11.01.21

Printable Version Below

  • Understanding of the World Activity MONDAY

Draw a map to find the hidden dinosaur eggs. What do you see along the way? Can you add some of these features to your map?

Mountains, rivers, forests, bridges, trolls, beaches. Tell an adult your route and describe what you see along the way.

Here is a map for some ideas.


  • .Physical Development TUESDAY

Dinosaur movement and dance. Listen to the music below. How does it make your made move? How would a dinosaur move?

Throw and catch. Have you got a ball at home? Could you play catch with a grown up?

  • Understanding the World – Technology – WEDNESDAY

Play Andys Dinosaur adventures game on cbbc.

Move the mouse or use your finger to make the programme work.

You could also play Andy’s quiz, what Dinosaur are you?

  • Expressive Arts and Design – THURSDAY

Think about the dinosaurs in the story and talk about their looks, colours, shapes, sizes etc, discuss creating your own dinosaur. What would it look like? How big would it be? Would it have wings? Where would it live?

Draw, paint or create your own dinosaur using the resources you have available. Don’t forget to give your dinosaur a name.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could try it online too using the link below.

  • Communication and Language,  FRIDAY

Discuss the new words you have heard in our story. Do you know what they mean? Research some of the words using the internet and use them during the week. Can you remember the meaning of some of the words or what they relate to?

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development FRIDAY

Look at some dinosaurs and facts via the link below. Discuss what it was like to be alive during the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. Would you like to meet a dinosaur? What do you think the weather was like? What do you think they liked to eat? Which is your favourite dinosaur?


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