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Home Learning Nursery – Week beginning 25.1.21

Hello! Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over the first lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected].

This week in Nursery we are looking at Scotland and Burn’s Night Celebrations. Please see below so that you can follow it at home too.

Every day, we will share the learning on the nursery webpage, so you can see which Loom videos you need to watch and then have a go at the activities.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures, videos etc of your child’s learning to [email protected].

We would love to see it!

In your home learning pack there is a Learning overview for Nursery 25.1.21 along with a paper copy of all the activities.

There are daily activities for Maths, Busy fingers, Reading, Phonics, Speaking and Listening with Miss Walton, group time and a story.

What a busy day, have fun!

Introduction to the day- Loom

Friday 29th January


This week’s plan is below for you to have an overview of the different activities




Home Learning overview EYFS 25.1.21




Printable version of home learning plan 25.01.21

Home Learning overview EYFS 25.1.21

Busy Fingers Challenges – Lets get those fingers working with daily activities.

Monday- Can you count out 5 pegs and fasten them on to the washing line or anything else you can find?

Tuesday– Can you thread some pasta on string or wool?
Wednesday (Group time Loom)  Scotland has many lakes – they are called lochs – the largest is Loch Lomond – There is a legend about a Loch Ness Monster. Can you cut out the Loch Ness monsters on the sheet in your pack?

Thursday- Can you find an old spray bottle or washing up bottle? You could spray outside and make shapes or pictures.

Friday – Have you got any kitchen tongs or use a spoon to fill up a cup with pasta.


Literacy Challenges-

Monday – Read a book with an adult.

How do you hold the book? Where do you start reading from?

Tuesday– Recap over m a s sounds. Can you find those sounds in a book? Can you find letters in a book that are the same your name?

Wednesday– Can you practise writing zig zags, circles, swirls and holding a pencil?

Thursday– Can you practice writing your name or the first letter in your name?

Friday – Can you read a book to an adult? Show them how to open the pages and talk about the pictures you can see?


Maths Time – Watch today’s Loom video

Maths shape hunt Monday 25th January

Shapes Tuesday 26th January

Wednesday 27th January

Thursday 28th January

Monday -Shape hunt Have a look at the shapes attached. Do you know the names of any shapes? Can you find any of the shapes around your house?
Use the shapes below to help you

Printable Version below

shapes monday


Tuesday – Can you make a shape picture? Use the circles, squares, triangles or rectangles to make a rocket, flower or a house. Use the shapes attached


Tuesday -shapes





Printable version





Wednesday -Scottish flag- Can you see the shapes on the Scottish flag attached? Which shape can you see?

Can you colour it the correct colours?

Wednesday flag shapes


Printable version


Thursday-Tartan – look at pictures of tartan patterns – which shapes and colours can you see? Can you make your own repeating pattern? Which colours will you use?

Printable version click below


Thursday Tartan


Friday– Can you make another pattern with your colours? You could finger paint using your paints and complete the coloured names attached.


Printable version clock below


Friday patterns


Here is your daily rhyme. 10 Green Bottles hanging on a wall.  You could sing it until you know it off by heart!

Phonics Time –

Below are this week’s daily phonics videos.

Monday 25th January

Tuesday 26th January

Wednesday 27th January

Thursday 28th January

Friday 29th January


Rhyme Time –

This week’s rhyme is Polly put the kettle on.


Speaking and Listening with Miss Walton- watch the Looms and join in!

Monday- Let’s focus on the negative aspect in our words e.g.  isn’t.  Speaking and listening Monday 25th January — Watch Video

Tuesday – Identify objects by their functions. 

Wednesday – identify objects by their functions

Thursday and Friday – We will practise the use of plurals.

Group time


Activity 1 Monday (Understanding the World/Maths)

Today we are going to learn about Scotland. What do you know about Scotland already? Where is Scotland on the map? The capital city in Scotland is called Edinburgh.



scotland wb 25.01 (1)



This is a picture of the Scottish flag. It is the cross of St Andrew. Can you see the shapes on the flag? They are triangles. Can you colour in the Scottish flag?


Flag of Scotland.svg





T2 G 495 St Andrew Flag Colouring Sheet




Printable version of Scottish flag


Activity 2 Tuesday (Understanding the World and Personal and Social Activities)

Group Time Watch the video below


Look at the pictures about Robert Burn. Who is he? Some people celebrate Burn’s night in Scotland and they have a special meal. See the picture below. We have talked about celebrations with special meals before. Do you remember when we talked about Christmas food and party food for birthdays? Can you talk about a special meal that you can remember? Can you draw a picture of a special meal that you have had?

Robert Burns pictures



Burns Powerpoint




T T 2545743 Burns Night Display Photos Ver 4





T T 16320 Burns Night Colouring Pages





Printable version of Burn’s night colouring pages


Personal and Social activity

Listen to 10 Minutes To Bed Little Unicorn. Click on the link below

Why is she a naughty unicorn? Talk about what the unicorn should have been doing. Talk about bedtime at home. Do you sometimes not want to go to bed? Talk about routines etc and why they might be important.


Activity 3 Wednesday (Physical Development)

Scotland has many lakes – they are called lochs – the largest is Loch Lomond – There is a legend about a Loch Ness Monster. Can you cut out the Loch Ness monsters on the sheet in your pace?

Group Time Watch the Video Below




Loch Ness 27.01







Cfe A 3 Loch Ness Monsters Colour And Cut Activity Sheet






Printable version of Loch Ness monster cutting and colouring



Below is a link to Balamory Balaloch monster for you to watch.


Activity 4 Thursday (Maths and ICT)

Sometimes people in Scotland will wear a kilt. It has a pattern on it. This is called a tartan pattern. Have a look at the tartan patterns below. It uses the same colours repeating.








tartan 28.01






Can you make a tartan pattern – what colours will you use? Can you make a repeating pattern?




T T 4332 Design Your Own Tartan Colouring Sheets




Printable version of tartan patterns


Activity ICT

Let’s play Number blocks on the computer. Can you turn it on? Click on the link below



Activity 5 Friday – Expressive Art and Design


If you go on to the website and listen to the bagpipes music. Do you like the music? The song Alde Lang Syne was written by Robert Burns. Can you remember we talked about him on Tuesday and how people in Scotland celebrate Burn’s night.


The Highland Fling is a Scottish dance. Watch The Wiggles doing the Highland Fling. Can you dance the Highland Fling?


Other tasks- Watch the bagpipes clip- can you see the different scenes in Scotland?

Pause the video on a picture you like. Can you paint the picture? Look at the sky, Is there any trees? Is there any water? Is there a sunshine or snow?




Story Time –

Monday and Tuesday Hamish the Highland Cow.

Todays story is called Hamish the Highland cow. Do you know what a highland cow looks like? Where would we find a highland cow? What did Hamish the highland cow do in the story?

Wednesday Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Today’s story is called Dinosaurs love underpants. Do you remember when we read Aliens love underpants? Can you think how this story is the same? How is it different?
Thursday and Friday 28th/29th January