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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment.
 We are continuing with our daily loom videos and you can watch all of the videos daily. They will be uploaded to the webpage by 9.30am each day. If you want to watch a video back from last week to help you recap previous learning, click on the links below.
Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Send in your work to [email protected]


Find out what you are doing today on our Welcome loom video are below – this will run through your timetable for the day

Monday 1st February

Tuesday 2nd February

Wednesday 3rd February

Thursday 4th February

Friday 5th February



Need to recap last week? Last week’s Loom videos are below – click on the link

Monday 25th January English 

Tuesday 26th January English

Wednesday 27th January English

Thursday 28th January English

Friday 29th January English


This week’s English Loom videos are below

Monday 1st February English 

Tuesday 2nd February English

Wednesday 3rd February  English

Thursday 4th February English

Friday 5th February English



You will find the activities for this week’s English below. Watch the daily loom videos and then complete the work.


English plan – click on the link below


Writing resources 


 Thursday’s activity. sheetdocx


Fridays activity-little food pics from poem

Phonics videos 














Need to recap last week? Last week’s Loom videos are below – click on the link

Last week’s Maths Loom videos are 

Monday 25th January Counting to 50

Tuesday 26th January Lesson 2 counting to 50

Wednesday 27th January Lesson 3 tens and ones

Thursday 28th January Lesson 4  comparing numbers to 50

Friday  29th January Lesson 5  More and Less


This week’s Maths Loom videos are below

Monday 1st February Number Patterns

Tuesday 2nd February Counting to 50

Wednesday 3rd February Tens and Ones

Thursday 4th February Counting in 10s

Friday 5th February Number Consolidation


Maths plan below – click on the link 

Year 1 Maths planning


Maths resources for the week 


Maths worksheets

Numbers to 50

Place value cards

Number grid





Key Question 
How much does it rain in Morecambe?


Key Knowledge
A thermometer measures the temperature.



Key Vocabulary 
Thermometer, weather, temperature, information.
Learning activities
The week before last we recorded the amount of rainfall in Morecambe and made rain gauges.
Here are the results we recorded at school.



Which day had the most rainfall?
This week we are going to record the temperature in Morecambe every day.
When we look at the weather forecast we notice that they have numbers on (8°C).   Just like we measured the rain in centimetre, we measure temperature in degrees centigrade)
This tells us how cold or hot it is outside. If you have a thermometer at home then you can measure the temperature yourself at the same time each day and record it in the table.
Alternatively, you can check the weather in Morecambe online on BBC weather.
Just like we recorded the rainfall, we are now going to record the temperature in Morecambe for the next 5 days.
Record in the table – click on the link below


My weekly temperature chart

Which was the hottest day?
Which was the coldest day?




Key Question
What would it be like to live in the Arctic?
Key Vocabulary   Hot, cold, climate, country, North Pole, South Pole.


Learning Activity    Look at the pictures of the Arctic and watch the video clip – click on the link below to access the resources


arctic video clip (1)


How would be different to living in Morecambe?
What would you wear to school every day?
What would the weather be like here?
How would your playtime games be different?
How would you get around?
Would you like to live there? Explain your answer.


Previous learning
What do you remember about Captain Scott of Antarctica?
What did he wear?
How did he travel on his journey?








How can you use line and tone to make something look real?


Key Vocabulary Shade, tone, pressure, lightly, softly, straight, curved, darker, lighter.
Learning Activity
Continuing our theme on drawing skills, this week we are focusing on combining the shape and form with using tone (as practiced last week).
Look at the pictures and focus on the shapes.
How has the artist made the pear look like a pear and not another piece of fruit?
What fruits have they drawn and look at the different positions? Which one do you prefer?
Look at the light and dark parts of the fruits.
Why are some bits light and some bits dark?
Learning Activity

Place some fruits/vegetables (or use the pictures) in a bowl and discuss the light and dark shades on the fruit as well as the shapes.
Have a go experimenting with your drawing. Can you make the fruit look real?
You might want to practice several times.
PS Do you think Fussy Freda would like the fruit?



Key Knowledge Questions / Key Facts / Key skills   What do some people do because they believe in God?
Key Vocabulary Jewish, celebrate, Shabbat candles, prayer.
Learning Activity
Look at the Jewish artefact sheet and try and work out what they are used for. Click on the link below to access the resources.


Shabbat Jewish artefacts

Watch the video clip from last week, can you spot any of them in the video?

How are they used?
Label the pictures.
What would you use that are similar to what Jewish families use when you are having a special meal?





‘Short Pass Heroes Challenge’
Key Vocabulary  Pass, score, catch.
Learning Activity
Equipment needed; A ball (use rolled up socks, if you have no ball) and 2 markers (you can use cones or household items) to mark out distance, a watch or clock to time 30 seconds.
Scoring; You can keep your score over the next 5 weeks, as we’ll be releasing 5 Netball based challenges for you to try.


What to do:

• Put two markers 4m apart
• Players chest pass the ball (or ball alternative) between each other.
• Count the number of passes in 30 seconds • Both players are credited with the total number of passes (take part with family members if at home).


Values / P4C / PSHE

Our value for this half term is hope – Discuss what this means and how we could show it at home and in the community.



What do you think is happening in the picture?
How do you think the rubbish has got there?
Where do you think it is?
Do you think this is right?
How does this make you feel?
Is there anything you could do to prevent this?
Does this make you think about yourself in anyway and how you would care for the environment?
What would you tell others to do?
Whose job is it to pick up the litter?