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18th January 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Just a quick update to keep you informed as we move into week 3 of the lockdown.

Eden Red vouchers for those children entitled to free school meals.

The national free school meal voucher scheme will be going live again from Tuesday when we should be able to place orders for those children who are home learning only. Children who are in school on a part-time basis will be able to request a foodbank parcel if needed.

The order will cover the period between 18th January to 12th February (4 weeks) and will arrive on two separate giftcards with two weeks worth of vouchers for each child.

The giftcards are worth £15 per eligible child. Can you please update us with your most current email addresses – we will be using the Parent APP email addresses to place the orders. If your circumstances have changed and you would like to check if you are eligible, please call the Education office on 01524 581207. 

Home Learning

All the Home Learning is now on our website and uploaded weekly with daily loom videos for you to access from the webpages (you no longer need an account to access these videos). I have included a link which will direct you to the main Home Learning page.

From there you can select your child’s year group.  We have a home learning team to support you, led by Mrs Lupton. Please contact us if you need any advice or support. 

 Home Learning bags 

During the last lockdown, we sent home resources to enable children to access the wider curriculum. We now have some new home learning bags that have been handmade by Mrs Brown. They are environmentally friendly and can be reused. If you require one with a set of new resources, please reply to this message. Bags should be brought back to school when we return.

Computer Loans

We have ordered more computers to enable children to access school work from home. If you have requested a laptop, please ensure you have signed the agreement and returned it to school. We will be sending another email this week asking if children would benefit from having a laptop at home. We will require all laptops to be returned when the children return to school.

Attendance at school

Please only send your child to school if it is necessary. Thank you to everyone for the positive conversations we have had and for your great co-operation in this matter. It is so important to keep the numbers as low as possible to stop the spread and keep everyone safe. Please remember to book a place by Thursday 12pm for the following week. If you do not book a place you are at risk of there not being a place available. You will be contacted to confirm your child has a place. This is how we ensure that numbers stay within the limits of the risk assessment.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

Take care,

Ms Hickson


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