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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]


This week we are looking at the animation ‘The dreamgiver’ Click on the link to access the animation.

Activity 1 

Look at the clip and play it from beginning to end.

Questions: Who is he? Where has he come from? Are there more of them or just him? Is he happy/good?

Next, play the beginning of the clip again, pausing at 0:49 with the image of the Dreamgiver standing on the windowsill.  Can you note any key visual aspects of the character (his wings/his goggles/his bag etc) using adjectives and descriptive phrases ·

Activity 2

Look at the paragraph describing the Dreamgiver –

Perched on the windowsill on two long, spindly legs, the Dreamgiver checked his notebook. Strapped tightly around his bulbous head, he wore a pair of grey circular goggles through which his tiny eyes peered down upon the sleeping children. He wore a tattered cloth wrapped around his waist; the standard attire for a Dreamgiver who had no need for lavish clothes to impress others. Upon his hunched shoulders and curved spine fluttered a pair of elegant wings, as delicate as lace, yet strong enough to hold his weight mid-air and allow him to swoop quickly and gracefully through the night sky. In one hand he grasped a wooden staff whilst in the other he clutched a hessian bag which contained his magical dream eggs.

Can you find the descriptive language and expanded noun phrases?  Can you now write sentences describing the Dreamgiver’s physical appearance.

Guided Reading 

This week we are looking at the Train to Impossible places.

Click on the link to access the text. We are looking at chapter 2. Read it and then click on the link to answer the questions.

The Train to Impossible Places Chapter 2

Printable version below. Click on the link below


Click on the links below to access this week’s Maths activities from White Rose. Remember, you can call the main office if you would rather have a paper version.


We are starting to look at volcanoes in our Geography and this week we are learning about the  different layers of the earth.

Activity 1 

Brainstorm what you know about Volcanoes. Now watch the following video about Volcanoes – make notes on a piece of paper.

Activity 2

Now watch the video about the parts of the earth

Label the main parts of the earth. Use the video to help you label the diagram.

Click on the link below to access the diagram for you to label. Remember, if you would like a paper copy of these resources, call the school office and we can arrange for you to collect them.


This week we are looking at Friendship and to understand what makes a good friend. Think about your friends and what is important about you being a good friend to others

Draw an outline of a body and  write about what makes a good friend.

Now design a thank you card for one of your friends. Write a thoughtful message inside about why they are a good friend to you.