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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]


This week in our English session we will be looking at Newspaper writing.

Starter day 1

Activity 1 –  Look at the picture of an Egyptian tomb above – click on the link.  Use the correct terminology- nouns for objects, adjectives for descriptive words. Name as a many nouns you can see in the picture together- make a list of these. Think of as many adjectives you can think of to describe some of these nouns. Below are some examples

The throne –  The magnificent golden throne was placed beneath the beautifully colourful tomb wall.

The statue The impressive dazzling statue of Anubis stood watching over the silent Pharaoh’s tomb.

A jar A small ancient stone jar containing papyrus scroll sat hidden at the back of the tomb.

A sarcophagus In the centre of the tomb lay a grand golden sarcophagus containing the mummy of the long dead Pharaoh.

Activity 2  Look at the powerpoint below – click on the link

Day 1 Newspapers

Questions to think about : What is a newspaper? Why do people read them? What types of things are written in them? Who writes news stories?’

Look at the example features of a newspaper from First News – click on the link below. Can you identify the key features of a newspaper article?




Printable version below – click the link

Look at the copy of the Daily News- Discovery of the Century. Click on the link to open it up

The Daily News – Discovery of the century

This is a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like). Talk about the features of a newspaper discussed at the beginning of the powerpoint and on the First News example. Can you name the key features?

Activity 3 

Use the WAGOLL- Tutankhamun discovery and focus on the lead paragraph containing the 5Ws – see below for details of what the 5Ws are (When, Where, What, Who, Why)

Highlighting each of the 5Ws featured.

WHEN- Sunday 26th November 1922 or November 1922

WHERE- Near Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Egypt

WHAT- Tomb of Tutankhamun discovered

WHO- Archaeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon

WHY- Had been digging for many decades, tomb was known to exist but nobody knew where, had spent more than a million pounds searching for it.

HOW- first step discovered by accident by water boy, flight of steps uncovered, sealed doorway opened and corridor excavated leading to another sealed doorway and rooms containing the tomb and its treasures

Can you now write your own paragraph for a newspaper article containing these 5Ws?

Guided reading

Look at the text The Queen’s Nose by Dick King Smith


Activity 1 – Read pages 1 to 4 Some key vocabulary to note – vague sour lingered fusty barnacled shutter retreat squidgy elongated awkwardly earnestly troupe What clues are left in the old chicken house that animals used to live there? Why did Harmony like the chicken house so much?  Who is Rex Ruff Monty and why is he so important to Harmony?

Activity 2 – Read pages 5 to 7 Some key vocabulary to note – referred undid pleasantly burrowed anticipation ferocity levering plump vivid imitation

What happened when Melody went into the garden to look for Harmony?  Mr Parker refers to Harmony as ‘your younger daughter.’ What does he mean by this?

Activity 3 – Read pages 8 to 9 Some key vocabulary to note – angelic innocence weary

What evidence is there of Mr Parker not liking Harmony? Can you summarise the relationship between Melody and Harmony using evidence from the text?

Activity 4 – Read pages 10 to 11 Some key vocabulary to note – strutted tubby fussy sleek prominent glossy plentiful

Harmony likes to compare people to animals. Choose two different characters and draw a picture to show how Harmony sees them. Label the picture explaining why harmony has chosen these images.

Activity 5 – Read pages 12 to 16  Why doesn’t Harmony ever think she will own an animal?  How can you tell that Uncle Ginger likes Harmony?


Complete the dots and dashes for these words


Y4 U3 dots and dashes for auto words


Printable version below


This week’s maths activities can be accessed below. We have some revision from some previously covered materials. Click on the links below. Remember, if you would like paper versions please call the school office and we can arrange for you to come and collect them.



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