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Below is the home learning for those children who are working from home at the moment. Remember you can call the school office for a paper pack of all the work if you prefer. Complete your work in the Home learning book you were given over lockdown. If you require another one, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send in your work to [email protected]

This week in Nursery we are talking about night-time.

Have a look at this book together. Peace at Last. What sounds kept Daddy awake?

Our outdoor story Owl Babies. Can you find out which animals come out at night-time? We call these nocturnal animals.

Sing these rhymes together. Hey Diddle, Diddle

We are singing our number song  

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’re going to the moon

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’ll be there very soon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1



Activity 1

Talk about night time. How it goes dark, street lights come on, we go to sleep. What is your bedtime routine? What do you like to do before you go to bed?

Do you have a bedtime story?

Draw a picture of your favourite story. Talk about the characters in the story.


Activity 2

Sing the song The Grand Old Duke of York. Did you go up and down?

Can you wave your arms up and down?

Can you draw some lines – can you draw lines going down? Can you draw lines going up? Can you go down a line and then back up?


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