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We hope you have had a good week. This week’s activities are below for those of you working from home at the moment



This week we will be looking at the text Rose Blanche. You can access the text below. See if you can now complete the following activities.



Rose Blanche story



Activity 1 

Introduce the genre. What is it? Introduce the front cover of Rose Blanche. Discuss the title, author and illustrator.

What do you think the book is about? Who is the girl in the window? What is she looking at? What is the setting? What is she thinking/feeling? Why?

Read  pages 1 – 12

What period in history is this? Discuss the illustrations. . What characters have we come across so far? What have we learned about them? Prove it!  Why is the mayor making a speech? Why the cheering? What feelings would circulate at that point? Why are there long queues outside the shop? What have we learned about the relationship between Rose and her mum? Explain this referring to the text. What was her daily routine? What had happened to the boy? What do you think he had done wrong? Where was he going?  Describe how he was he feeling at this point? How did Rose react to the situation? What word tells us that she was feeling like this? Prove it! Record any new vocabulary onto the class dictionary.

Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary in the pages read. What can we do when we encounter unfamiliar words? Provide an example such as ‘rutted’. Recap on the use of a dictionary.

Activity 2 

Plan a diary entry in the character of Rose using a flow chart plan.

Write from the point where she sees the boy being arrested.

Use the following headings in the planning process:  young boy is arrested: journey through the woods; concentration camp; journey back home; and action taken.

Use the flow chart plan below to help you.


Diary planning frame


Printable version is below

Activity 3

Write the opening to a diary entry written in character. Focus on using a range of sentence types, manipulating and changing them to create effects on the reader.


This week’s Maths activities are below. Click on the link to access the learning.



This week we are looking at evacuation. Look at the questions around the picture and answer them.




Printable version below


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