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Hope you are all well. Below is this week’s activities if you are working from home



This week we are looking at James and the giant peach. Read Chapter 1 and 2 below. Alternatively, you can listen to the story so far by pressing play!




Or read the text yourself…


James and the Giant peach chapter 1 and 2


Printable version – click on the link


Activity 1 and 2 



Choose adjectives from the list and write a description of Aunt Spiker, Sponge and James after reading chapter 1 and 2 1



Click on the link below for a printable version of the activities



Click on the link below to access the Maths activities for this week.




As you know we are looking at the Stone Age in History over the next few weeks. Last week you looked at some information about Skara Brae. Click on the links below to access some more facts as well as looking at some stone age houses. See if you can complete the activity about stone age homes too.


Learn about Skara Brae


stone age homes


Stone age homes activity to complete


Stone Age Homes Worksheet


Printable version below – click the link



We are looking at sketching at the moment in Art. Click on the link to follow the sketching tutorial. It will ask you to use different sorts of pen – try and find a thin pen (like a biro) as well as maybe a felt tip. You don’t need to use the stick and ink version!




In Geography, we are looking at different maps. Check out Map zone on the ordnance survey website and complete some of the activities

Click on the link below to access the web page.