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Below is this week’s home learning for those children working from home at the moment.


Click on the link below to access the activities taken from White Rose Maths.


Guided reading text and questions below


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Printable version of the text below

Key questions

MONDAY Find and copy three of the words or phrases which show that the train and platform were crowded. (3 marks) At the station, Clara’s mother says, ‘Look after Maxi. He will be sad later.’ (a) Why was Maxi not sad at first? (2 marks) (b) Why was Maxi sad later? (2 marks)

TUESDAY Address errors and misconceptions from yesterday’s lesson (model).

Why were the children on the train smiling and shouting when they reached Holland?  Give two reasons. (2 marks) Why did Clara make sure she was smiling as she waved goodbye to her mother? (3 marks)

WEDNESDAY Address errors and misconceptions from yesterday’s lesson (model). How do you think Clara feels about leaving her home?  What evidence is there in the text to support your viewpoint? (3 marks)

THURSDAY Address errors and misconceptions from yesterday’s lesson (model). Why do you think Maxi wanted to stay with the Dutch lady?

(3 marks)

FRIDAY Imagine you are being evacuated during the war.  How do you feel? Write a diary entry describing how you feel having said goodbye to your parents.



This week in History we will be looking at our big question… If World War 1 was so horrendous why did we go to war again?


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