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Below is this week’s home learning for those children working from home at the moment.


Click on the link below to access the activities taken from White Rose Maths.


Design and draw your own mythical beast.  Think about ones that we have learnt about in class.

Brainstorm it’s features, powers, it’s strengths and weaknesses and if it is good or bad around your drawing.

Now write a paragraph describing your beast.

Make sure you use adjectives, verbs and similes in your writing.

Spend time checking and correcting your work.

Publish it, writing it neatly in pen.

Guided reading

Follow the youtube link below to access The Lightening thief text Chapter 1 and 2. The activities are below.


Guided Reading Plan - chapter 1 and 2

Printable version of the activities below



timeline 21.9.20



Printable version below

Look at the timeline images.  Use these images to create a timeline in your Home Learning book. Research each main event in the timeline and add more details to your timeline




Printable version below


Research cut out images made by Matisse  Draw some on a paper and colour  Create a fact file poster about Matisse.  Add photos and images of his work

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