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Below is this week’s home learning for those children working from home at the moment.


Click on the link below to access the activities taken from White Rose Maths.


Text: Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine

Lesson 1 –  Continue to read Ch. 5

spoilt    lame    appetite    regretfully      agonising    threat  clenched    yelped   striding      egging on      fury    snarled   sympathy    bystanders     shocking      lashed out     wailing     sour look 

Retrieval What happens when Bill can’t swap his comic?

Retrieval How do Mrs Collins and the rest of the class react to the fight?

Lesson 2 – Read Ch. 6

Infer Why do you think Bill decided he could not let Paul win the race?

Lesson 3 – Continue to read Ch. 6

Infer What do you think is going to happen when Bill walks home?

Infer Are people going to notice that he is a boy in a dress? Explain why using evidence from the text.

Lesson 4 –  Read Ch. 7

Compare What is the difference between how boys and girls are treated throughout the text? Use examples from the whole text.


Use these sentence starters to help explain your answer:

This shows that…   This leads the reader to believe…   This suggests that…   This implies that…   This could represent…

Chapter 5 – Bill’s new frock by Anne Fine – click on the link below to access the story

Chapter 6 – click on the link


Chapter 7 – click on the link






homelearning year4 21.9.20


Printable version below



Y4 Hinduism Plan


Printable version – click below


For some more information about Hinduism follow the link to BBC Bitesize


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