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Follow the link below to access the Maths for this week from White Rose Maths



Text: Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine

Lesson 1 – Read Ch 3.

crackling  damp   disgust   gazed   glanced   inspecting   fiery  rich  rosy    prised   slithered   hem   triumphantly   handiwork   haunted  torment

Infer: What does Bill think about being painted? How do you know?

Infer: According to the text, what is the ‘pink curse’?

Lesson 2 – Read Ch 4.

enviously   lavatories   hoots   scuttled   hastily    sighing with relief    dawdling    peer   looking sharp     errand    outstretched palm

alphabetical order   squatted  imitation   shudder  slither   slivers

Meaning Everyone else looked up from their maths books and watched enviously as he left the classroom and shut the door firmly behind him. What does the word enviously suggest about how the rest of the class were feeling?

Retrieval Why does Bill use the girls’ toilet?

Meaning What words are used to explain his feelings?

Lesson 3 – Read Ch. 5

furrows     scrum    desperate    snatched   drifted   sprawled    shabby   sniggered   snorted    frankly   suspected    in vain      

Infer How could the class tell that Mrs Collins was in a bad mood at break time? Use evidence from the text.

Infer Why do you think the author uses the words ‘meant to’ when describing what happened when the comic books box came out?

Lesson 4 –  Continue to read Ch. 5

spoilt    lame    appetite    regretfully      agonising    threat  clenched    yelped   striding      egging on      fury    snarled   sympathy    bystanders     shocking      lashed out     wailing     sour look 

Retrieval What happens when Bill can’t swap his comic?

Retrieval How do Mrs Collins and the rest of the class react to the fight?


Use these sentence starters to help explain your answer:


This shows that…   This leads the reader to believe…   This suggests that…   This implies that…   This could represent…


Chapter 4  – Click on the link below


Chapter 5 – Click on the link below






Y4 Hinduism plan

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For some more information about Hinduism follow the link to BBC Bitesize

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