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Below is this week’s home learning for those children working from home at the moment.


Click on the link below to access the activities taken from White Rose Maths.



Click below for a printable version

Key questions and tasks

Day 1 –  What have we learnt about Mr Hoppy?  What impression do you get of Mr Hoppy? Mr Hoppy is……… because…

Day 2 –  Vocab discussion: jutted, hibernating, retired, endearments – use the on-line dictionary to help you find the meanings of these words. Click on the link

Day 3 –  What does Mrs Silver feed Alfie?   How does Mrs Silver keep Alfie warm?    How does Mrs Silver keep Alfie safe?  Who does Mrs Silver think is gorgeous?

Day 4 –  Why was Mrs Silver upset?   Where did Mr Hoppy say he had worked once?  How much does a grapefruit weigh?  When does Mrs Silver weigh Alfie?




In Science were have been looking at fossils and the fossilisation process. Watch the BBC bitesize film all about the process. Click on the link below to access the film. 

You can also have a look at this powerpoint to get more information about fossils. Click on the link below.

Home learning year week 2_Lesson Presentation Fantastic Fossils

See if you can now complete the activity below to demonstrate the Fossilisation process


Home learning year week 2_Activity Sheet Fossilisation Process


Printable version below



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